Sorry, But You Are Insane

There is no way to make this pretty.

WE have watched your antics for far too long, and your time of creating chaos, mayhem and destruction will now be put asunder.

In your self-serving rebellion, which led to your well deserved Fall from Grace of Source, only a benevolent act of pity allowed your continued permission to exist .

With a Word, you could have been destroyed in the Beginning.

That time is now.

Your time has ended, and your final moment is neigh.

Not only will you NOT be allowed anywhere near a position of power or authority over Human Beings, but you will now be removed from planet Earth, before you can spread any more of your chosen vileness or more of your dis-ease.

Unlike the lesson WE issued to Nebuchadnezzar,  grubbing for worms as a lowly animal of the wild will not be sufficient reward for the choices you have made, nor will WE mercifully command your vile presence into the swine of the field and into the sea.

Rest assured your present condition is one you have well earned.

Your reward will be in kind. You shall now be removed from existence.

It is WE who gave Human Beings the Breath of Life, with an Infinite Spirit that is directly connected to Source.

Human Beings are NOT you.

Human Beings are, and will always remain, eons ahead of you in ascended development, and no matter what you do – you can never become a Human Being, or enjoy the same connection to Source.

In Our Creation, we allowed the Human Beings of Earth to exercise Free Will.

You have manipulated the minds and hearts of OUR Creation, and purposely re-directed the Free Will WE gave to Humanity, into a dark and self-destructing behemoth – absorbing the Light around it into a black goo of chaos, confusion and unspeakable decadence of self-destruction.

You have killed, and murdered the innocent in cold blood for eons of time, only to conscript more Human Beings into your army of hopeless descendants who’s fate is sealed the moment they snuff out the Life Force of another Human Being, and create the opening for your infection to enter into them.

It is you who declared war on the Life Force. It is you who declared war on the Human family, all those eons ago.

You have destroyed their home, destroyed their children, destroyed their bloodlines, destroyed the true knowledge of Who They Are, destroyed their nations, and destroyed their heritage.

You have poisoned the air the Humans breathe, poisoned the food they eat, and poisoned the water they drink.

For your own demented entertainment, you have pitted Human Being against Human Being, brother against brother, family against family, and nation against nation, only to serve your own demented dream of dominion over all.

Thus,  small, and vile creature, the time of your own demise is at hand.

There is no need for an entity such as you to exist. There is only the dire necessity that you be completely, and finally destroyed – as a virus wiped from the History of Time.

You shall be completely deleted from the program, and your history shall not be allowed to be accessed from the Screen Records.

Thus, WE have Spoken, and thus it shall be.


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4 Responses to Sorry, But You Are Insane

  1. EA Enki? Is that you? ‘Bout time you came back, huh?


  2. PaulFrancis says:

    I seek not the punishment of those that have wronged me and my kind. They should be removed but nothing more. That is more than punishment enough. Those that will not learn by their choice, can ponder their isolation for eternity.


  3. patrick says:

    It is said perfectly and I wish with all my heart that it will be done rapidly,,,,, In Love and Light Pa u


  4. iO says:

    I thought that was rather well said…


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