Consider How Deep The Corporate Rabbit Hole Goes

Look Into How Deep the Corporate Rabbit Hole Goes.

Why are so many willing to serve a predatory Corporation State without questioning the validity or morality of their chosen occupation?

Consider this:

There are thousands of Mini – Washington DC, Inc’s, all across America.

AKA: For Profit Incorporated State and Local Governments.

All pretending they ‘need taxes’ when their CAFR accounts already run into the billions of dollars.

CAFR accounts are return on investments made by Incorporated State Governments, Cities, and Townships, using extorted tax payer dollars to invest, for profit realized ONLY by the incorporated body.

A CAFR account amounts to, in other words, local, state, and federal governments not only extorting your productivity for their operating budgets, but the lions share of the extortion booty collected is invested for an even larger return that multiplies in secret accounts most producers have no clue even exist.

If you think getting through, around, or over the Corporation of Washington DC, Inc is a problem – think of all the incorporated States, Counties, Townships, Cities, Towns, and Villages which are ALSO registered as for-profit corporations.

From the bottom of the Corporate Parasite ladder of local incorporated villages, to the top of the Corporate Parasite ladder in DC, there exist literally millions of money-for-nothing parasites who make a daily practice of legally raping the real producers of the revenue they extort unto themselves, via ‘Statutory’ (in favor of the state) Corporate Regulations – (extortion schemes) – enforced by the local corporate ‘law enforcement’ officials who are literally acting as strong arm thugs for legal corporate extortion con artists.

Legal ‘incorporation’ is an idea conceived as a method for individuals to collect and hoard the ill-gotten booty in a game of financial rape, plunder, and extortion, of the producers – without having to be held personally, or legally responsible for the rape, plunder, theft, and extortion of those who produce the revenue.

“I did not steal your productivity, your gold, or your land. It was the Corporation who did it. I am just doing my job as an employee of the corporation”.

Since, in reality, a ‘corporation’ is nothing more than a Goddamned piece of paper, the enforcement thugs – tax collectors, Corporate Judges, BAR Lawyers, and Police agencies – are literally pirates of the ‘law of the sea’, stealing the producers – booty for themselves at the point of a gun or threats of incarceration in their incorporated for-profit prison system – or both.

Just think how deep the corporate rabbit hole goes, and why so many will defend the incorporated financial extortion, rape and pillage process, which the predators acting on behalf of the corporation claim is ‘the law’ which ‘must be enforced’.

If ‘fascism’ is defined as ‘for profit corporations controlling governments’ – what is it called when ‘government’ IS the for profit corporation?

Double indemnity fascist extortion?

Money for nothing for life is an ‘offer they can’t refuse’ for most people without a conscience.

Take a look at the caliber of individuals who jump in to fill those corporate parasite positions, on a local, state, or national level.

There you have it.

How many State Governors serve the people of the state, and how many serve the Incorporated State?

How many State Police serve the people of the state, and how many serve the Incorporated State?

How many County Sheriffs serve the people of the county and how many serve the Incorporated County?

How many Township Supervisors serve the people of the Township, and how many serve the Incorporated Township?

How many Mayors serve the people of the city and how many Mayors serve the Incorporated City?

One doesn’t even have to ask what body a Corporate County, a Corporate State, or Corporate Federal Judge serves.

Nor does one have to consider which body a Corporate BAR Lawyer serves, whose ONLY legal obligation is to serve the Corporate Court.

It is no surprise then, when the true ‘legal’ definition of a Corporate “Court of Law” – is a bank – or another extortion payola collection agency of the Incorporated Body, and the Judge is the Legal Paymaster of the Bank.

Is it now easier to understand why a politician ‘running for office’ to serve a term within an incorporated body is such a representative farce?

“Money for nothing and chicks for free.” is the Corporate local, state, national, and international extortion game.


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