Central Banksters Owe You Millions

You don’t understand that statement because you have yet to figure out that hanging central bankers from the nearest lamppost is the most logical step Humanity can take at this time.

To quote the late researcher Lloyd Pye “Everything you know ( pertaining to Central Fiat Fractional Reserve Banking ) is wrong”.

Another quote you may have heard; “The LOVE Of Money is the Root of All Evil”.

So here is your problem in a nutshell: “As long as we allow the psychopaths who run the world to have an infinite amount of money, they will continue to supply us with an infinite dose of absolute nutcase, coldly servile, despicable, disgusting, amoral son-of-a-bitches who will support any script and agenda that is put in front of them”.  – Ken Okeef

The longer we allow fiat, fractional reserve, central banking to exist, the more our chances of owning anything, or maintaining even a whiff of liberty will continue to dwindle down to a big fat ZERO.

Zip. Zero. Nada.

If you like slavery, continue to listen to the fiat banker owned talking heads on CNN, NBC, FOX and the remainder of the mockingbird media – the propaganda tool of the bankers.

Keynesian economists are not necessarily stupid, they are just conscienceless schmucks who continue to lie, all the time. Keynesian ‘economists are simply made out of the same cloth their mentor was made out of.

John Maynard Keynes ( “kee-NIS” because everybody gets it wrong) was a psychopath, a heroin addict, homosexual pedophile, and a leading member of the Fabian Society.

In other words Keynes was a low life dirt bag who was falsely labeled, and fronted as a legitimate ‘economist’ by other low life dirt bags who called themselves Central Bankers.

His economic fantasies reflected the same total disdain for moral standards–the same sociopath tendencies–as did his misuse of pre-adolescent boys.

It is sad that so few are even aware of Keynes actual place in the breakdown of fundamental principles, once recognized as essential to healthy markets & economic well-being.

Keynesian ‘economic’ model is nothing but a direct path to corporate fascism, deceptively disguised as ‘beneficial socialism’.

In a Keynesian ‘economic’ model, society is structured, planned, and micromanaged via a centralized ruling class, with Central Fiat Fractional Reserve Bankers at the top of the corporate pyramid, who issue dictates to a central government.

No matter how you slice it, the Keynesian ‘economic’ model completes itself with the onset of feudalism and fascism – a corporatist slave state.

John Maynard Keynes spent a lifetime with his head and other assorted objects up his ass, but also serving  as a useful idiot, and a overused excuse for central bankers to rape, pillage, destroy, and enslave humanity.

Unbelievably, Keynesian ‘economics’ is taught in ‘leading’ universities as a viable economic system, illustrating once again how brain-dead the ‘leading education institutions’ have become.

It was the Fabian Society, with members such as John Maynard Keynes, along with Fabian Society founding member and 20th century playwright George Bernard Shaw, who set the standard early on for back door penetration and degradation of civil society, utilizing mind control via sexual abuse, perversion, and pedophilia while exerting financial enslavement of the populace via illicit Fiat Central Banking practices.

The Fabian Society could not have spread it’s vile tentacles into British society and then into American society without support and participation by members of the British aristocracy, the European Royal’s depraved pedophilia occupation, and financial backing from Rothschild Zionist City of London, who of course operate as the pedophile Vatican’s own bankers.

It is NOT at all ironic that following any one of the tentacles of organized depravity always leads  back to the same source.

Did you know that fiat central banking is against the law in the usa?

Do you understand that fiat central bankers are sociopath criminals running extortion racketeering schemes which can be prosecuted under RICO laws?

Do you like perpetual war that never ends?

Continue to support Central Fiat Bankers.

Do you enjoy killing babies, and destroying country after country  in the name of ‘Freedom and Democracy’?

Continue to support Central Fiat Bankers.

Do you appreciate the fact the United States Corporation, the NATO alliance, France, Israel, and Britain operate as the depraved predators of planet Earth, declaring war on every other country in existence, while claiming the countries they INVADE and DESTROY are ‘evil’?

Continue to support Central Fiat Bankers.

Do you like existing in a total fascist police state where EVERYONE and EVERY ENTITY within the police state is nothing but a slave to criminal bankers?

Continue to support Central Fiat Bankers.

Do you like being a Debt Slave of the Central Fiat Banksters?

Do you like paying interest (usury) on, and having Fiat Central Bankers demand your productivity, your blood, your sweat, your children, and your future for…NOTHING except the BANKERS BIG LIE?

What is the BIG LIE of Central Fiat Banking?

Fiat: A decree. “Because I say so”.

The BIG LIE of Fiat Central Banking is they issue NOTHING of VALUE to anyone, or any country, for anything.

They simply ASSIGN DEBT, and then demand BLOOD in return.

The Central Banksters do NOT ‘print money’.

The Central Banksters simply ASSIGN DEBT, and then LIE to you claiming they ‘LOANED YOU MONEY’.


Karen Hudes: “The Banking Cartel’s Domination Was Based On Secrecy And They’ve Lost It”

Published on May 21, 2015

The Network of Global Corporate Control May 5&19, 2015

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