Vatican Challenges God Given UN-Alienable Rights – Claims Ownership of EVERYTHING

End Game Revealed – Pope Challenges God Given UN-Alienable Rights – Claims Ownership of EVERYTHING

Among the many delusions suffered by pedophilia worshiping psychopaths, one delusional trajectory is for them to believe their own delusions are the supreme law of the land.

A religion is not required to prove oneself as a legitimate Human Being.

A religion is required to demonize Humanity, bastardize Creation, and to exert emotional, and spiritual control over Human beings.

Published on Jun 6, 2015 By Rise Together

Pope Francis is scheduled to come to the United States where he will challenge the American idea of God-given rights.


Pope challenges “American idea” of God-given rights

Vatican Jesuit Terrorists and Pope To Be Neutered via Technology

You have no choice but to follow the path of peace. You have no choice. The road map for peace is one direction only, and there is no mercy. This technology is applied regardless. If you do not push for peace, it makes no difference.  You have only one choice. We will negotiate peace on an international level and we will open the books.

Published on Jun 8, 2015 By Rise Together

Is there a technology that could instantly bring world peace? Mehran Keshe says yes, and is setting out to prove it.

64th Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 4 2015

Published on Jun 5, 2015 By MrfixitRick

64th Knowledge Seekers Workshop June 4 2015

Times & Topics:
00:00:00 Showing the KFSSI promo video

00:05:00 Mr. Keshe talking about religious leaders and achieving peace

01:05:00 Showing a video of a cloaked UFO, taken by Mr. Keshe

01:10:00 Mr. Keshe explaining the video, and then explaining how
governments steal our money

01:25:00 Talking about the problems of going to space, and about the
future of world leaders

01:40:00 Talking about the reason for people not achieving lift so far

01:45:00 Talking more about war games and the greed of world leaders

02:35:00 Explaining the reactor formation and onion layering in
detail, and how it can influence the peace process

02:55:00 Answering questions

03:10:00 End of workshop

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