I Have One Very Big Important Question

I have one very big important question.

Who is going to help us?

There must be at least ONE agency out there that can help us.

Which one is it; if we present ourselves properly?

There has to be some private entity operating on the down low that helps private citizen, American nationals etc.

There is a very long history as to just how we arrived at the point we find ourselves in.

That history includes each of us, and the choices we have made individually, and our collective history as a people, the choices we have made as a people, and as a nation.

All choices have results. One way or another one always gets what they ask for – or stated another way – you always get what you bargain for – depending on how you ‘work’ the bargain.

The fruition of a peaceful, positive, productive, co-existence among Human Beings requires a set of ground rules of which Human Beings must operate within.

You may be familiar with what is known as “The Golden Rule”, which is; “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Some time ago in our collective history, the Golden Rule for interaction between Human Beings was common knowledge.

Today, the Golden Rule, is rarely even mentioned, and very seldom practiced, even though the application of the Golden Rule, and the results achieved by practice of the rule,  has proven itself over time to be a logical, positive choice for Human Beings to make.

What happened? Who or what led Humanity astray,  and away from a process that truly serves and benefits Human kind?

Why would any rational Human Being, or grouping of Human Beings, throw out a process that has proven to flawlessly create harmony and balance among peoples and between nations?

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to throw a harmonious and balanced process into the trash bin of history – and trade it for war, subjugation,  slavery, domination, and destitution?

It is a senseless choice made by senseless entities.

Who or what made that senseless choice for Humanity?

What has happened, is Humankind has been infiltrated by a predator species that serves only itself, and preys on everyone and everything outside of itself.

Some refer to this predator species as psychopaths or sociopaths.

I refer to them as the ‘predator class’ or the ‘destroyer class’, because the only goal of this predator species is total domination, and subjugation of the Human Race.

The predator species do not understand, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. The phrase does not compute with them. They are not capable of processing that reasoning data in their android brains.

One of the reasons why this predator species has been so successful against the constructive welfare of Human Beings, is the very fact they are not Human.

They don’t experience emotions of love or compassion that Human Beings feel, so it is easy for them to become self-serving predators of the worst ilk.

Members of the predator species carry with them the mindset of an immature child, which displays itself in  ‘all about me’ personality traits. Not unlike a two year old child, the sociopath demands of everyone and everything around them that “all the toys are mine”.

The predatory psychopath mind is actually a very weak, insecure mind, which like the Biblical Satan, strives to be worshiped. The deeply flawed logic of the parasitical, predatory, delusional, sociopath mind set is as such:

The delusional psychopath ‘reasons’ that if the psychopath can usurp all the power, control all the Human Beings, and accumulate control over all the gold, that Human Beings will have no other choice but to worship the psychopath, and the psychopath will have achieved their goal of dominating everything.

Today, every society on Earth is dominated by, manipulated by, and directed by this predatory force, which overwhelms the quality Human individuals within said society – simply because Human Beings who choose to ‘live and let live’ will not choose the senseless path of aggression, domination and subjugation.

The psychopath mind surfaces in all areas of societies, but predominately in the religious, political, military, and banking sectors of anti-human, uncivilized activity, because those four areas are where the psychopath predator can control the most people, usurp the most power, and steal the most gold.

Consider the Infamous Quote from Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a fiat banker from the City of London, and one of the most extreme cases of delusional predatory mindset:
“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

You will always find card carrying members of the predator species in positions of power, because to occupy positions of power, and exert control over Human Beings, is the only reason for existence, according to the sociopath’s creed.

Yet these manipulators, those directors, those controllers – would not know the meaning of The Golden Rule if it bit them in the leg.

The ‘directors and manipulators’ – the psychopath powers, either hidden behind the scenes or hidden in plain sight, are strictly self-serving entities who see Human Beings as toys to play with.

To the controllers, Human Beings, are nothing more than food, cannon fodder, profit centers, or completely unnecessary components of a system which belongs only to the predator controller.

The bonus of existing as a controller, is the controller sets the agenda for those he or she controls. It is the controllers who set the social example. It is the controllers who set the social agenda.

One of the accomplishments of the controllers, is they have been successful in instilling in the minds of Human Beings, that we must be led.

They have taught us that we are not capable of leading ourselves, and of course, they appoint themselves as our leaders.

When the self-serving, predatory controllers are allowed to set the agenda on social behaviors and choices – while we mistakenly look to them as leaders – the end product is of the same mind as the controllers who set the example.

The predatory controllers expect us to depend on them.

The psychopath controllers demand we depend on them.

The devious sociopath controllers purposely create situations which force us to depend on them.

The weak minded controllers NEED us to depend on them.

The controller buffoons NEED us to FEAR them.

To the predator species, our fear is their food.

The controllers need us to think, talk, and act like they do.

Is the controllers plan working?

Do we maintain a peaceful, productive co-existence between each other by practicing the Golden Rule?

Between peoples? Between Nations?

What have we become?

What have we allowed the controllers to mold us into?

Who do we look to for leadership?

What or who are our mentors?



I’ve never known a banker that was in business to help people.

I’ve seen more than enough bankers who will act all warm and fuzzy and profess how much they ‘help the community’; but they lie.

Since the controllers end game is to dominate Human Beings, as opposed to serving Human Beings, a steady, ongoing, stealth theft of Human Beings productivity, is one sure fire method for maintaining control over, and enslaving Human Beings.

And that is exactly what the fiat, fractional reserve, banking industry accomplishes.

The bankers have coerced and subverted Humanity into dependence on their banking system, and now we are under their predatory thumb.

So who is going to help the American people, or Human Beings anywhere on Earth, to rid ourselves of the social and economic predator dominated situation we find ourselves in?

It certainly will not be the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) or the Federal Reserve Bank (FED).

It won’t be the World Bank, or the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Don’t look to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), or any of their representatives.

We will not see help from any of these banking corporations, because they are not in the ‘helping’ business.

They are in the predatory control business, and yet they micro manage every economy on the planet.

Right or wrong, lawful or unlawful means nothing to these predatory organizations.

They are all above the ‘laws’ they demand we abide by.

The ‘laws’ their puppet politicians put to paper are in place only to maintain control over Human Beings, and extort the productivity of Human Beings.

Human Beings will never be ‘helped’ by any agency who represent the controller factions, or any of the minions in those agencies.

The only alternative to the stranglehold corporate fiat bankers have over the economies of the Earth, is for Human Beings to develop their own economies outside of the predatory banking system, and stop feeding the parasitic, empiricist beast that is sucking the lifeblood out of us.

Of course, the corporate controllers will tell you “that is against the law”.

What they mean to say of course, it is ‘against their law’ they made for you, but does not apply to them.

But what does it really matter what the predatory controllers factions say?

There is no benefit in them. They don’t now – nor will they ever serve Humanity.

A waste of skin is a waste of skin.

The controlling psychopaths are senseless, mindless parasites, destroying our homes, stealing our lands, and destroying any civilized way of life we could ever hope for.

The lawless, sociopath controller thugs have no ground rules save for dominating everything or die trying.

At the end of the day, that is most likely what will have to occur.


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