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Welcome To ‘Out of the Brambles’ Blog

“Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose and it will defend itself”.

– St Augustine

Human Beings across the globe are awakening to find themselves a stranger in a strange and foreign land they once considered the safety of their surroundings.

The Natural Human understands that something is wrong, but daily distractions and pressures of maintaining a position on the corporate, life usurping hamster wheel, are such that it’s difficult for many to actually focus in on what is wrong, or where the true source of their discontent stems from.

Many feel as if they are caught up in a dark, thorny thicket with no way of finding their way out to light of the clearing.

‘Out Of The Brambles’ blog is about sorting through the crazy melee of the current information age, and directing focus toward a much needed reality check.

The author makes no claims as to race, stature, country, religious, or any superficial political affiliation.

The author of this blog simply claims existence as a Human Being with a Soul and Spirit,  with the positive intent of and for a peaceful co-existence,  and the positive uplifting of other peaceful Beings on this planet or beyond.

Thank You for visiting “Out of the Brambles” blog.




One Response to About Us

  1. Chips says:

    Top of my bookmarks list goes to this site. I dropped out before I even left high school. Never took out a loan on house car or whatever. Learys’ mantra should have been rescheduled to say Drop out, tune in and turn on. The scheme isn’t hidden from those curious enough to look, now is it? It’s sad how well the dumbing down succeeds in convincing the masses that the over-structure works for them and not to see the obvious fallacies being peddled 24 seven. Contact me for how I can assist in the needed transformation. Again…much loosh to these anons who serve love and truth.


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