George Soros Foundation to Recipients: “Congratulations. You’re a Useful Idiot”.

George Soros Foundation to Recipients:

“Congratulations. You’re a Useful Idiot”.

“Pop Culture’s Social Programming – Mirror Image of the Programmers”

Pop culture is so vulgar because pop culture social engineering is a mirror image of the programmers mind:

Soros The Pathologically Insane

The basic law governing computer programming – ‘Garbage in – garbage out”.

When a piece of slime paints a tapestry, the result will be a reflection of the artist.

The sheep contend they are trendy, while the sheep trend themselves and civil society into oblivion.

The destroyer class has more weapons in its arsenal than guns and bombs.

Think for a moment, what the vile programmers of the destroyer class are made of:

From deviate, vile, billionaire hedge fund managers like the George Soros Foundation, to the Clinton Foundation headed by deviate pedophiles Bill and Hillary Clinton,  to the deviates of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, to deviates of the (Ted) Turner foundation, to deviates of the Rockefeller Foundation, to the deviates in the Disney/porn industry –

– to deviates in the war industry, to deviates in the pro sports industry, to deviates of a Hollyweird ‘entertainment’ industry, to deviant ‘music industry’ promoters, to deviant politicians –

– to deviant public school teachers, to deviant university instructors, to deviant press talking heads, to deviate magazine and ‘newspaper’ publishers, to deviant corporate advertising firms – to deviate Rothschild banking practices and ‘financial gurus’, to deviate pharmaceutical drug manufacturers-

– who among these telegraph public perceptions of the ‘latest trends’ the sheep are imposed upon to follow?

From this writers perspective, all of the above – and more – have been slowly chipping away the stability of positive, meaningful Human value systems, and bit by bit, replacing Humanities secure value systems with pure gibberish and non-nonsensical madness of the crowd.

With generation after generation of relentless, psychologically self-destructive programming under the belt-

– and driven by an ongoing consolidation of a hive mind into a void of nothingness –

– the clueless, intellectually vapid crowd of mindless morons now gather on the street to protest in defense of their own depravity –

– a depravity inscribed in their brains by outside forces –

– self-denigrating forces which the individuals own unawareness permits to run rampant within their consciousness:


In other words; the ‘trendy’ sheep know NOT what they do or WHY they do it.

All the sheep know is they are trendy.

How does one “Make America Great Again” with that crowd to choose from?

So you build beautiful, shining alabaster cities on the hill, filled with great mansions.

Then you bring in the clueless monkeys to live in the mansions.

What do the monkeys do?

They destroy the mansions.

Because that is what clueless monkeys-on-a-tether do.



Published on Feb 6, 2017 By Christina Marlowe



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