Open Letter To Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Dear Mr Putin,

I have yet to meet with you personally in a face to face conversation, but here I give you the benefit of the doubt as one of the remaining sane leaders on Planet Earth.

We live in perilous times, and it is imperative at this juncture that WE, as Human Beings who are ALL members of the Human Family, recognize the nature of OUR discontent, and exactly where – and who that discontent stems from.

If a problem is to be solved, it is necessary to first understand WHAT or WHOM is causing the problem, and what necessary steps need to be taken to resolve the issue at hand.

The purpose of this letter is first to promote goodwill and solidarity between the good people of Russia and the good people of the usa, and issue a call for solidarity between the good people of Russia and remaining Human Beings who reside anywhere, in any country on Planet Earth.

It is self-evident that members of the American organized crime cabal occupying ‘leadership’ positions in North America are, in fact, clinically insane.

There is no sanity, or rationality to be found in American leadership, save for the people of the American public residing outside of Washington, DC., or outside of the Corporate DC machine of aggression and destruction.

During your 2014 oration at Valdai, you posed the question whether or not “it was better to speak to governments or speak to the people”.

Promoting solidarity and understanding between governments of the world, can only be achieved with the respective leaders of those governments.

There are useless, self-serving politicians, and there are leaders. The politician serves himself, and the leader serves those whom he leads.

It has been proven over centuries of self-serving governance experiments, that MOST governing bodies consist of small-minded politicians.

These individuals and officials, hungry for power, are themselves victims of their need to find fulfillment by devising schemes which exert control over  other Human Beings, for the sake of greed, control, or profit.

In the usa, this condition is known as ‘The Beltway Disease’.

It then becomes a moot attempt to promote solidarity between governments, even though governments acting in solidarity, while promoting peace, productive trade,  commerce, and goodwill toward other sovereign nations is the most sensible objective.

It appears that common sense, or mutually beneficial associations between governments today is swept under the rug for the sake of self-serving greed and war power mongering insanity.

It then becomes necessary for good people acting outside of predatory governments influence – the Human Beings remaining on Earth – to recognize and practice solidarity with each other.

We choose to abandon this idiocy by nations of aggression, abandon the government’s destructive and insane policies, and take it upon ourselves to throw off this yoke of slavery to aggression and ignorance.

Obviously,  governments will not, and cannot serve the best interests of Human beings. Only Human beings can, or will serve the best interests of other Human Beings.

As you well know, in Washington, DC, Inc, the desperate and insane predator creatures who claim to be ‘important officials’, are constantly beating the drums of war.

You also know that today, their ‘enemy De jure’,  is Russia – yet again.

The informed Human Beings in the usa find this latest round of lies, deceptions, and war mongering by our self-appointed  ‘leaders’ to be revolting and insulting to the intellect of anyone with a second grade education, and we wish to maintain a position as far removed from this madness as possible.

Any Human Being in the usa with one ounce of intellect understands the usa, the Ukraine, Russia, and much of the planet is now under attack by the same predator species who now call themselves the Western NATO Alliance.

Should one be unfortunate enough to be caught up in the media programmed madness in the USA, you will hear for-profit fascist psychopaths screaming all over the air waves about how the USA must attack this country – or attack that organization, or bring regime change here, and take out this leader because they are ‘attacking their own people’ – or a host of other lame excuses for legitimized international terrorism – until the din of ‘war-death-destruction’ becomes sickening.

Meanwhile, the same fascist maniacs who are promoting death and destruction to anyone outside the United States with the ‘Great American War Machine’, are ordering the same US Military to spray toxic chemtrails over America, and poison to death the same American people they are supposed to defend.

Human Beings, in the usa, in Russia, in China, South America, Canada, Europe, anywhere that Human Beings remain – have simply had enough of this maniacs on parade charade. If we are now not witnessing the very definition of depraved sociopath behavior, we never will.

It is self-evident the United Nations, the Federal Reserve System, the Corporate US Congress, the US Military, NATO, and the Pentagon Joint Chiefs are the problem children here, and internationally.

We understand the Western military build up on Russia’s borders is NOT a matter of NATO or the USA ‘defending’ anyone. The West’s race to conflict is NOT a matter of NATO and the US intervening in Ukraine to ‘save’ the Ukrainian people, from a non-existent Russian aggression.

The world has already witnessed the senseless destruction and life destroying results of US “Humanitarian Rescue Missions” from Vietnam, to Panama, to Iraq, to Libya, and Syria.

What we are hearing from the Corporate US State Dept talking heads, are superficially construed lies and deceptions of a power-mad predator state, giving itself permission to INVADE yet another sovereign country – destroy the infrastructure, and rape the natural resources of their latest target of aggression.

What the Ukraine situation represents is the same game the predator state has played since WWI.

The current occupation of Ukraine by US funded and controlled insurgent puppets, and the baseless accusations against Russia are the direct result of actions by a drooling maniac Western predator beast, who knows NOTHING else, save for WAR, CONQUEST, DESTRUCTION, and a CONTROL agenda.

We understand the elemental criminal elements disrupting civility internationally, are right here in the District of Columbia. The predator disease infests the halls of Corporate US Congress, the Pentagon and the US Military-Industrial-Banking Complex.

It is a sick psychopath game of circular financing, destroy and rebuild for HUGE – NO BID – corporate profits contracts, and the continuous revolving door between ‘government’ and OFFENSE INDUSTRY officials.

In other words, war is profit for the Corporate US organized crime syndicate operating out of DC, Inc.,  and the more war – the more profit they make.

The so-called United Nations, the Fed, Israel, dual Israeli citizen members of the Corporate US Congress, OFFENSE contractors, weapons manufacturers, the US Military, the Pentagon, and Israeli Mossad ( Dept of Homeland Security ) are all linked at the hip.

It is simply one big orgy of sickening predator organizations filled to the brim with MENTALLY ILL psychopath predator maniacs, attacking and repressing everything that has Life – for profit.

These maniacs attack because they are demented war-for-profit predators – period – and destruction is the only thing a predator knows.

Still, these demented predators claim to be the ‘smartest guys in the room’, while claiming the ‘rest of the world’ is their enemy.

Human Beings in the usa, and Human beings across the globe, understand it is not the ‘rest of the world’, and it never was ‘the rest of the world’.

We understand it is not Vladimir Putin who is criminally insane.

It is not president Assad of Syria who has committed any wrongdoing.

Nor was it Mummar Gaddafi in Libya, whom the predator state murdered for the ‘crime’ of creating the highest standard of living in Africa for the Libyan people, through utilization of the Libyan Dinar.

Nor was the way in which Iraq’s Saddam Hussein ran his country, any business of the Western predators.

Nor is it Iran, or Russia, or China, or any of the BRICS nations who require, or asked for intervention from the West’s depraved predator state.

These societies are simply not that ignorant, or that morally depraved, as is the case of the Corporate USA/NATO predator alliance.

It is the demented criminal psychopaths in European and American positions of power who are the problem.

For the past 100 years and more, America, specifically Washington DC, Inc – has run a propaganda campaign, outwardly claiming to be the ‘policeman of the world, bringing democracy and stability’ to those ‘poor underdeveloped nations’.

The true reality is, America, Britain, France, and the remainder of the NATO Alliance have in fact been plundering the planet, and setting up puppet regimes who serve the interests of global predators, while attacking, enslaving, or practicing genocide on the Human beings who inhabit those countries – all in the name of corporate profits.

They have protected nothing. They have destroyed much. What the Western NATO Alliance has accomplished is the rape, pillage, theft, destruction, and abuse of every country they have invaded.

The NATO predator states have developed into despicable machines of perpetual war,  aggression, and genocide, while destroying Life anywhere they appear,  wreaking havoc and leaving nuclear pollution behind to destroy Life for many generations to come.

We understand the Corporate US Government, the Corporate US Military, and NATO partners are international terrorist whores of the worst sort.

We understand the Western NATO Alliance are simply whores for international banking Kabbal, and fascist corporate empire expansion, where genocide is a way of life, and the lives of millions of Humans Beings destroyed monthly is looked at as only ‘collateral damage’.

This depraved insanity of the western death cult filth cannot be allowed to continue.

There has been enough war. There has been enough death cult mentality.

The jig is up. No more charades. No more misplaced loyalty to predator regimes.

When NATO, the West, and Corporate USA CHOOSES for-profit aggression and destruction over diplomacy and trade, NATO and the for-profit Corporation of the USA become nothing less than a cancer on Humanity, anywhere on the planet.

If this cancer is not removed from the international position of power, it will destroy civilization, because destruction is the only thing a predator knows.

Something is wrong inside the deformed brains of individuals who occupy the Corporate US political/banking predator class.

Their Mammalian Human brains have turned off., and they are totally dominated by a predatory, reptilian brain.

Void of any Humanity they may have had, occupants of the predator state are now operating as mindless drones, loyal only to an inhuman force which is void of conscience or common sense.

This mind parasite is commonly referred to as that of a psychopath, yet this definition glosses over a much deeper and more sinister condition.

Washington, DC, Inc., has become the tyrannical, lawless thug of the planet, in and of itself.

No longer even pretending to serve the best interests of the usa, or the American people, the scourge that is Washington DC, is now a blatant Kabball of gangsters and pedophiles who serve only corporate greed and suitcases full of corporate lobbyist cash.

This gaggle of thieves and cutthroats are so far removed from reality, or the smallest hint of being Human, they even deceive themselves into believing they are ‘elite among mankind’, when in fact they have become bottom feeding scum.

The ‘Beltway Disease’ of power mad self-absorption has corrupted the hearts, minds, and souls of the DC occupiers. Insanity has prevailed, and senselessness controls their actions.

When one observes  the intent, choice of  focus, and activities of a Victoria Nuland, a Benjamin Netanyahu, a John Brennan, a David Rockefeller, a John McCain, a Barrack Obama, a John Kerry, a Lindsey Graham, the Jewish Supremacist Zionist PNAC predators – or anything inside the beltway or the Pentagon – one has to ask their self over and over – “What are these fools thinking”??

They are NOT thinking. They are simply existing as the walking dead – android autopilot zombies who have lost their soul, and given up their Humanity for a prison of greed, and the affliction of arrogance without the capability of reason.

At this juncture, it will be a very dangerous choice for Human Beings in America, or the world, not to recognize the deviant state of mind which controls both NATO and  American public officials, or discount the reality of what Human Beings are being targeted with due to this affliction of corrupted leadership.

Only demented fascist psychopath madmen, who pride their self in extreme intent of malice, will attempt, or agree to a population control policy of overt genocide.

Maintaining control over world population by promoting, instigating, and waging constant war,  while spraying toxic poisons into the atmosphere, to intentionally destroy the health and well-being of Human Beings, and simultaneously promote willful destruction of the Natural environment – can only be the dreams and aspirations of demented, insane individuals.

Yet, the ugly truth is that is exactly what the Corporate US, in partnership with the deranged psychopath maniacs of NATO and the Corporate US Military are doing as you read this line.

Brazenly, and foolishly, these disgusting anti-human freaks still have the audacity to ask for, and expect endorsement from the Human Beings they are blatantly murdering around the globe, to respect their despicable actions as ‘legitimate leadership’.

The dirty little secret no one wants to admit, is that Corporate USA, Inc., and the predatory policies it produces, are far worse, and much more of a real threat to Humanity, than the hypocritical American policymakers and war mongers accuse the rest of the world of being.

With variations notwithstanding on either side, Planet Earth is inhabited by two basic entity types:

One entity grouping is that of the Natural Man or Human Beings who exist to benefit the Human Race, and benefit our Home – Planet Earth.

The other entity grouping is that of a predatory, controller species, who prey on Human Beings.

These senseless entities bring discontent, war, and destruction upon the Earth and her people, only for the self-serving, superficial game of PROFIT, CONTROL, and DOMINATION.

Not only is it past time for this madness to end, it is past time for this INSANITY to be ENDED.

Unwarranted,  for-profit aggression, uniforms, military allegiances, war machines, extortion games, weapons of destruction, enemies, control, death, killing, genocide and other assorted acts of moronic stupidity – is for vindictive, immature children, who need to be taken to the woodshed and severely disciplined.

In addition to responsible Human leadership such as you have exhibited over your time in position of influence, implementation of this disciplinary action will necessarily have to include the benevolent others, with a strong focus addressing entities who sit at the top of the international corporate pyramid predator state control apparatus.

This letter is to make you aware that ‘the rest of the world’ does NOT stand against Russia or her people.

As a true leader within the Free World Federation (FWF), Human Beings across the globe offer their support for your efforts toward international stability,  a sane approach to leadership which brings positive results for Humanity, and a planet freed from the insanity promoted by the predator class of blood sucking mosquitoes that no one invited to the picnic.

Human Beings across the globe support your efforts of sane leadership, and stand in solidarity with Russia against the insane predator states, and stand in solidarity with each other, as Human Beings who support the betterment of Humanity and basic respect for Life.

There has never been a time, and there will never be a time, when turning swords into plowshares is not an act of common sense, Mr Putin.

Every individual entity who exists in a position of power on planet Earth, has TWO choices:

The first choice is to use their best abilities to serve Human Beings in their scope of influence toward a goal of uplifting and benefiting the Human Race.

The second choice is to design and implement war and control enslavement systems over Human Beings, and usurp their vitality.

We have witnessed the results of the latter for too long, Mr Putin, and now is as good a time as any to END the madness.

With Much Respect,

A Human Being

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3 Responses to Open Letter To Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

  1. Pa u says:

    Thanks i is very well said…but i am afraid that those psychopaths also lost the sense of hearing!!
    Love and Light Pa u


  2. songman727 says:

    id sign my name to it! there is only one race… the human race…


  3. JOSEPHINE says:

    hah………. I never ever thought I’d read a letter like tis one. Am speechless.
    Dangggggggggggggg………! “CONTROLLER SPECIE” …………heh..! Vell, it’s out in the open.
    I thought the world, or the USA at least, has been effectively silenced by this CONTROLLER SPECIE , thru their mind-controll technology.
    This would really get into the meat of the matter,…if Mr. Putin acknowledges this claim. He is known to fraternize with the blond nordic ETs.


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