Jim Willie – King Dollar Dethroned by Emperor Yuan

Bankers are bankers.

Whether it is the new AIIB, or the Fed, IMF, World Bank, or BIS, the TWO key components – Central Banking and Usury (interest) – still remain the problem children of the competing systems.

Chinese or Russian bankers are out to make a profit as much as The Fed, the City, or Vatican bankers are out to make a profit.

Correctly stated, in that a different central banker with a different face or a different nationality is still a central banker who profits from usury (interest) – money for nothing.

The problem will remain a problem, as long as there is usury/interest involved in the equation, no matter who the central banker is, or what the reserve currency connotation is named.

Usury/interest/profit is the universal language spoken and understood by all central bankers.

Corporate America, the West, Europe, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank, and the BIS utilized the Petrodollar Reserve Currency status as an attempt to rape, pillage, destroy, dominate, or enslave every nation on Earth, including the usa.

The battle for a dominating reserve currency will be won by the Yuan in this go-round, while the petro-dollar is deep sixed.

What the Chinese do with the Yuan as the world reserve currency remains to be seen.

If you have a tool in your hand that holds the power of both destruction or prosperity – life or death – what you do with that tool depends on what you are made out of.

We have already witnessed what the Western central bankers do with that kind of power.

What the Eastern bloc nations do with a dominating central banking currency…???


Jim Willie – 03.27.2015: Dr. Jim Willie – King Dollar Dethroned by Emperor Yuan; US Abandoned by Allies


Published on Mar 28, 2015 By Paul Sandhu

03-27-2015 / Timely update by Dr. Jim Willie on fast moving events around the Globe.


– development of Chinese led financial platforms outside the USDollar sphere as traditional US allies rush to join AIIB

– objection to US-led trade unions in Asia and Europe are widely disliked

– Ukraine War and Russian confrontation and its blowback

– breaking Europe & Russian marriage is a big motive and is actually strengthening Euro-Russian ties not isolating Russia

– laying out farmland seeds with Monsanto for European food supply

– Wreckage of Gold mining sector signals major increase in gold demand and price

– Marginal Oil patch sector screaming for bailouts and more destruction of the Economy

– Germany’s move to the Eastern Russian – Chinese camp almost complete. Rest of Europe to follow

Dr. Jim’s website: http://www.goldenjackass.com

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