Robert Lavoy Finicum – Murdered by theSame Bureaucracy You Endorse With Your Vote

Robert Lavoy Finicum Was Murdered by the Same Bureaucracy You are endorsing with your vote.

You Have No Idea How Enslaved You Are.

In Oregon?

Tis the nature of the beast…

You can’t teach 250 million people something you don’t know yourself, and far too many have been duped into a version of America that is for the most part a Hollywood movie.

Its not real, but the actors play their parts as if it is real, because the actors know what the 250 million people do not know.

The actors are failing miserably.

The 250 million audience members can’t tell if they are in a movie or not, so they fall for the show the actors put on. My litmus test has always been a simple one: Do the results of your choices uplift mankind, and direct mankind toward a more fruitful existence? Or do the results of your choices parasite off the wide eyed innocence of of a trusting audience who don’t know they are in the movie? The actors are failing miserably. I was brought up in a manner that taught it was our collective responsibility to care for the orphans and the widows. When I see the orphans and widows being used as cannon fodder, it does not set well with me. As far as the minerals are concerned, I don’t see the actors’ guild looking inside to persecute their own.

There is growing evidence proving  the actors are more interested in acting under the ‘color of law’ – which is better translated into lawlessness, coercion, fraud, fabrication, and deception –  taking control of the land by hook, crook, or murder – with the intent of selling the natural resources to the highest bidder.


The brain damage within the guild is so pervasive, the guild can never, and will never look objectively at itself. Over time, the talking heads of the guilderbeast have done a bang-up job of legitimizing the criminality of the beast, in the minds of the actors and the audience.  The actors guild has glorified war, death, theft, domination, and destruction under the guise of the red, white, and blue for so long, that we now celebrate the criminality of the corporation actors every July 4th.

Unfortunately, Americans are having to learn the hard way, the lesson of endorsing the corrupt guilderbeast with no conscience.

When an already predatory beast is awarded unbridled power, the beast will become absolutely demented and corrupt, and even those who awarded to power to the beast will themselves become victims of the aggression beast when the beast turns on them.

Now the predatory corporate  guilderbeast is turning on the American people, rearing its ugly head, and demanding even more blood from Americans themselves. Did we not understand that a beast is a beast, no matter whose flag it flies under?

We are all Ammon Bundys now,  even if the lawless Corporate Federal spooks would rather we were all Lavoy Finicums.


Everyone who is a native of the continental united states has been unknowingly defrauded in the exact same fashion.

The false presumption otherwise was created by fraud against us and our parents when we were born, to enrich the British Crown Corporation and pump up the war effort during WWII.

After WWII they just continued press-ganging Americans into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.

That fraud is about to come down on top of the perpetrators.

Corporate Bar lawyers and Corporate Federal letter agency spooks would do well to avoid any implication in their misdeeds.

The Human Beings inhabiting the usa have never knowingly or willingly operated as a “person” in their entire life.

We have never operated as a merchant marine vessel in any capacity whatsoever.

We have never knowingly volunteered to be a franchisee or sought any benefit of incorporation.

Any action taken against the Human Beings of the continental usa on the basis of these absurd and self-interested presumptions is an act of personage and those bringing these charges against the people of the continental usa are actively involved—-whether they know it or not— is barratry.

Most Corporate Federal spooks are not educated enough to understand the meaning of barraty.

Be that as it may, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” –

– which is the same exact line that lawless corporate judges, and lawless corporate thug letter agencies enforcers have used for 150 years to excuse their crimes against the people of the usa.

Payback is a bitch, as they say.

When payback time comes down, it’s coming hard, and I for one would not want stand in the way of the payback tsunami.

“The fundamental news that everyone has to understand is that when you incorporate ANYTHING you remove it from the jurisdiction of the land and move it into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea. You also move it out from under the Law of the Land (including The Constitution) and place it under the Law of the Sea, instead.”

– Judge Anna von reitz

What this means, is that NEITHER the private corporation BLM or the private corporation FBI, HAVE LAWFUL AUTHORITY where Common Law is the Law of the Land.

Which means every move they make is unlawful, because the confederation of the united states of America is an UNINCORPORATED, common law, organization of sovereign states, indifferent even to incorporated state governments.

When the FBI or the BLM, or a corporate judge, claims jurisdiction they do not have, and acts ‘under the color of law’ – they are committing fraud, to say the least.

The actual result is the FBI, Inc. and the BLM, Inc. are foreign mercenary terrorist corporations, committing acts of terrorism against the sovereigns of the usa, and the Corporate Judge is aiding and abetting the criminals in the crime.

The county Sheriff who does not exercise his lawful authority – and move to protect the sovereigns in his country from terrorist attacks committed by the FBI Corporation or the BLM Corporation – must be removed from office immediately.

That is the true Law of the Land.

Why can the audience cheer when the beast attacks the rest of the planet, yet does not expect the beast will do the same to the audience – given the chance? Did we not understand the nature of the beast?


Not everyone in the beast regime is satisfied with the results in Oregon…

Master Highly Upset Over Execution of Robert LaVoy Finicum


I am often baffled by the failed logic of Federal-lies agents ‘just following orders’ who fail to see they are cutting off their nose to spite their face, by mindlessly following, and carrying out such unlawful orders.

Do they not realize they are contributing to eventual chaos, and an inevitable breakdown of even the parasitic system that is their own bread and butter?

Do these dunderhead officials in Harney County, and the trigger happy, trained killers from the FBI or the BLM not understand they put the final nail in even a feigned legitimacy coffin,  destroyed ANY trust in their official capacity, and made themselves into an image of low life, lawless street thugs?

Perhaps it is just now quite obvious the caliber of individuals the American people have been dealing with long before, with the premeditated ambush and murder in the first degree of Lavoy Finicum serving as the proof-in-the-pudding.

Dictatorships lie, and people die, but most of the time, the dictatorship also dies in the process.

Study the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini, the fascist Italian dictator who spent his last days running for his life, trying to escape the people he had wronged. Mussolini ended up hanging out at the gas station – literally hanging upside down while the Italian people walked by and spit on his corpse.

You simply cannot keep abusing people with force, destroying their livelihood, extorting their productivity, stealing their money, stealing their property, killing them and their children, destroying their society – and expect the people NOT to retaliate in some form.

The feds have corned the market on stupid.

 Of course, within the multi-tiered levels of corruption, there will ALWAYS BE despots who commit horrible crimes by their own hand on the trigger, and later claim “I was only following orders” as an excuse for not taking responsibility for the premeditated crime they chose to commit.

The Painful Truth About Order-Following


Beware; the truth is gonna hurt..

Larken Rose’s Brutal Rant on Oregon, Resisting Tyranny & Shooting The Government


If you are one who finds the ‘Divine Right of Kings and Royals’, Papal Bull, Canon Law, and Corporation Edicts to be disgusting, superficial, hoaxes, and lame excuses for archonic, parasitic tyranny  based on ludicrous formats of presumed reality:

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant


The design of the language is the trap.

The True Meaning & Definition of Anarchy – Mark Passio


Do You Have ANY Idea WHY the Bundys or Finicums were FORCED to Take a Stand?

It is NOT “federal land”, it is PUBLIC land.

Read Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

I know the fed bastards have claimed all this land as theirs but it is simply not true.

The Constitution and Rule of Law mean nothing any more.

This is what it looks like when the federal mafia thugs send a message.

Mafia BLM Burns Rancher Property and Cows to Show They Own This Joint

Feds Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes, Imprisoning Ranchers!

This is what the average TV viewer does not know about why Oregon happened.


Full video — Feds Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes, Imprisoning Ranchers!

Feds Burning Cows ALIVE, Torching Homes, Imprisoning Ranchers!

Federal Bureau of Land Management is destroying property, terrorizing American families and torturing cattle. –

– Helping get this out for Ammon.

Two of Hammond men are being sent away for 5 years on terrorism charges because they did maintenance on the grazing land.

Follow Ammon’s channel for more updates…

You can also get up to speed on the story of the main family they are terrorizing here:

The government is trying to make life hard for the Ranchers on their private, as well as public lands on which they have grazing rights so they will leave; that way so politicians can make money off the deals that ensue.

We must stand principled in defense of justice.

As the ranchers in the video so eloquently put it, these sons of bitches intend to remove us all from the land and make serfs of us.

Well, it ain’t gonna happen without a fight

The Corporate terrorists will not maintain control over our land without a fight.

Nor will we be able to take back control of our land the Corporate terrorists have occupied without a fight.

That is why the DHS, the FBI, and the BLM are armed to to teeth as well.

This really sucks, but the corporate predator maniacs keep pushing, and pushing, and forcing the issue.

Have you noticed the predator freaks are using the same tactics against the usa, as they implement against the rest of the planet?

Bait Dare and Instigate – Bait, Dare, Instigate, Disrupt. and Destabilize.  Create chaos, – then blame the party you want to attack for the chaos you created.

NATO predators keeps baiting, and baiting, and baiting Russia, Iran, and China toward war.

They have Turkey shoot down their planes, just daring Russia to retaliate against a NATO partner.

The Western predator alliance imposes economic sanctions against Russia, China, and Iran, and then blames Russia, China, and Iran for the sanctions the West imposed.

NATO and the Pentagon war mongers keep up the intentional tightening of the noose around Russia, all the while claiming Russia is the aggressor, while their brain dead media talking heads maintain that Russia, Iran, and Chinese leadership is anything but Human.

It is the same game in Oregon – only on a different scale.

In the usa they burn out ranchers, or murder them in broad daylight, and then have their talking head propaganda ministers say the ranchers are ‘domestic terrorist’ or ‘crazy militia insurgents.’

What really sucks about this purposely created chaos scenario, is this will HAVE to get bloody, or America as a nation is finished.

There is a good reason WHY the demonic assholes behind ALL of this TREACHERY have been forced out of EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET, from the dawn of mankind’s history.

They never stopped to think, even after all those centuries, that were they not such intolerable assholes, mankind might actually put up with them.

It’s unfortunate the reptilian predator two-year-old mindset is so completely, and disgustingly repugnant.

More Here

Harney County Sheriff David Ward refuses to take a stand.

That means we have to step up.

Contact the sheriff here..



Gov’t employee brags about stealing land.

Published on Jan 16, 2016

Published on Jan 16, 2016 By cirina catania

Kindly go here: to watch this video and subscribe.

This link is now UNLISTED.

I’ve uploaded it to the a public location on the Sustaining America Channel.

Thank you and you are welcome to share!

See you at Sustaining America

(also at

“We come in and we take this land and we always take it for less than it is worth.”

(Park Service Employee at Mary Martin’s retirement from the Mojave Preserve.) The dinner was a public event ).

In this clip, the woman brags about how they wrestled a $40 million mine located in the park for $2.5 million dollars from two “little guys that had been in the 2nd World War” (their words, not mine).

She continues,

“which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it. ”

FYI – The 111,000+ acres referred to on the white board do not include the land that was taken away from the ranchers.

Yet, the sovereign state of Oregon is still under attack:

Lawsuits Threaten Central Oregon Communities

February 9, 2016

Madras, Oregon – A preliminary injunction filed today in federal court by two environmental groups seeks to disrupt the water supplies of thousands of families throughout Oregon’s Deschutes Basin, including families in the communities of Bend, Madras, Redmond, and Tumalo.

The two groups are asking the court to impose abrupt and severe restrictions on three reservoirs, which provide over 6,000 farms, ranches, and homes with water for crops, horses and other animals, gardens, schools, and parks.

Collaborative, science-based efforts to improve fish and wildlife habitat in the Deschutes River involving local, state and federal agencies, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and conservation groups may also be affected by the litigation.

On January, 20, 2016, the United States District Court for the District of Oregon (Eugene Division) consolidated two separate lawsuits filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, a Tucson, Arizona based group, and WaterWatch of Oregon, a Portland, Oregon based group.

The consolidated lawsuit, and today’s preliminary injunction, claims the operations of three reservoirs (Crescent, Crane Prairie, and Wickiup) are harming the Oregon spotted frog, a species listed as “threatened” by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2014.

Crescent Lake reservoir is owned and operated by Tumalo Irrigation District, while Crane Prairie and Wickiup reservoirs are owned by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and operated by Central Oregon and North Unit irrigation districts.

The environmental groups’ preliminary injunction demands that the court impose abrupt and severe restrictions on the use of the reservoirs, which may completely eliminate the ability to store water in them for irrigation purposes.

Mike Britton, President of the Deschutes Basin Board of Control, which represents eight irrigation districts (Districts), said in response to the environmental groups’ demands made to the court,

“Collaboration is a better forum for helping the Oregon spotted frog than the courts.”

Britton added,

“The Districts, agencies, tribes and others continue to make real progress together, and I would encourage the environmental groups to work with us rather than against us.”

Craig Horrell, General Manager of Central Oregon Irrigation District, said today,

“All of the Districts, including COID, have implemented dozens of water conservation projects that have helped to restore over 80,000 acre-feet of water for fish and wildlife in the Deschutes River and its tributaries.”

Horrell added, “We’re capable of restoring even more water in the river, but people must work together.”

Ken Rieck, General Manager of Tumalo Irrigation District, said today,

“Right now, Tumalo is piping a 3,400-foot section of canal that will increase instream flows in Tumalo Creek, Crescent Creek, and the Little Deschutes River.”

Rieck added, “These higher instream flows will improve habitat for Oregon spotted frog, and other fish and wildlife.”


Of the gigantic “terrorism hoax” that began with 9-11, it is becoming abundantly clear whom the real terrorists are.

Why is it, that participants of the predator class ALWAYS label everyone else a ‘terrorist’ – when it is ONLY the predator class who is TERRORIZING ANYONE?

As the chief domestic terrorist, Obama, loves to say;

“Let me be clear about this”:

The real domestic terrorists – are exactly the ones accusing every natural-born American who loves his country of being a “Domestic Terrorist”.

The true domestic terrorists DO INDEED view every natural-born American who loves his country a “Domestic Terrorist”.

This is critical to grasp right now, because timing is everything:

The TRUE domestic terrorists are the unlawful, letter agency private corporations; FBI, CIA, DHS, IRS, BLM, etc, the office of the DC private corporation president, the board members of the private DC corporation (Congress), and the private Corporate Court System.

It certainly is NOT American Patriots who are INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING the fabric of America, and tearing down America from the inside out.

“But let me be clear” –

– it certainly IS the unlawful, letter agency corporation stooges, the office of the DC corporate president, the board members of the DC corporation (Congress), and the Corporate Court System, WHO ARE INDEED INTENTIONALLY tearing down America from the inside out.

Now –

– when the perpetrator of the crime (Federal Agencies Corporations acting under color of law) –

– accuses the VICTIM of the crime (every natural-born American who loves his country ) –

– of being the perpetrator of the crimes actually being committed by the real domestic terrorists ( Federal Agencies Corporations acting under color of law ) –

– you have a case where the rhetoric from the true criminal element becomes absurd, if not downright stupid.

With that statement from Mr Obvious, we also have to remember we are dealing with a PREDATOR CLASS.

The domestic terrorist predator class is an out-of-control maniac, loosed on the people by Satan himself.

The predator class cares not if it lies, tells the truth, is right or is wrong, is lawful or unlawful, or is legal or illegal.

The predator class is indifferent – to anything except what the predator class wants.

The true domestic terrorists of the predator class are so dangerous specifically because they have no conscience,  any  sense or right or wrong –  good or evil.

The terrorist factions of the domestic predator class consists wholly of soulless, machine men with machine minds.

IE: Not men at all.

Your enslavement is a word game.

Stephen Stills – Word Game

“…and I won’t fight by his rules and foolishness besides;  his ignorance is gonna do him in and nobody’s gonna cry; because his children they are growing up and plainly tired of putting up with bigots and their silver cups; they’re fed up – they might throw up on you alright”.




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