Anna Von Reitz – There IS No National Debt Owed by Americans

By Anna Von Reitz
The Federal Reserve Banks were participants in the Federal Reserve System so far as
I know, even though they are each separate corporations apart from the old Federal
Reserve System.
Also as far as I know they all sprung up and began operating– both
the banks and the “System” — as part of the schemes of the same actors at Jekyll
Island– the Federal Reserve System being orchestrated in cooperation with
members of Congress by the same group of conspirators who organized the banks
servicing the Federal Reserve System.
Since the Federal Reserve System acted as the mechanism for the fraud and the
banks acted as administrative hubs and depositories for the Federal Reserve System
I tend to see the banks as just as much a part of the problem as the systemic abuses
— please comment and correct if I am wrong and explain.
On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, Anna von Reitz wrote:
There IS No “National Debt” Owed By Americans
I keep running into this idea that we have a huge nineteen trillion dollar debt to pay,
and this is totally FALSE.
The IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., a governmental services corporation in bankruptcy owes $19 trillion and has falsely named us as its “sureties”— think co-signers — for its debts.
They’ve tried to swindle us the same way the Federal Reserve Banks swindled our parents and grandparents back in the 1930’s.
Only this time we saw them coming and repudiated the false claim and the odious
debts — debts amassed by process of fraud against innocent people who did not
benefit from the fraud.
In a debt-credit system, a debt creates an automatic equal credit and a credit
creates an automatic equal debt.
Put another way—If there is a “National Debt” there is also an equal “National Credit” in the same amount—but the banks and politicians never tell anyone about the National Credit, just the National Debt.
That’s because they siphoned off the value of your National Credit and want to leave
you holding the bag to pay what is actually their debt to you on top of it.
What has happened in fact is that we have exchanged our labor and national
resources and products for “promissory notes” — I.O.U.’s issued by the Federal
Reserve System known as Federal Reserve Notes.
They received all the benefit of our goods and products and labor, but never really paid us anything but paper in exchange and never paid our debts down, either.

The Federal Reserve “stood in the middle”.

They received our labor and goods and services in exchange for worthless paper — never completed the transactions to actually pay our vendors — and pocketed the value of our labor, goods, and services for themselves.
They also gave themselves a very favorable fixed “dollar for dollar” exchange rate—
one of their pieces of paper in exchange for one of our United States Silver Dollars
defined as one ounce of fine silver.
Using this device they cleaned out Fort Knox and spirited away both our gold and silver reserves in exchange for paper promises.
They also “hypothecated debt” against our land assets and took titles to our land
under color of law.
They even copyrighted our names and claimed to own us as slaves and as chattel belonging to their governmental services corporation.
The Federal Reserve Banks running both the Federal Reserve System and the
bankrupt United States of America, Inc., sat here feeding off us like this — all
because of false and completely undisclosed claims made against our grandparents,
parents, and us by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration— from 1933 to
We were their Priority Creditors by definition.
The IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., has just tried to pull the same thing.
When the 1933 bankruptcy finally settled and we paid off all the debts of the United
States of America, Inc., so that our land and our assets were released from any
further “presumed” obligation—-nobody told the Priority Creditors.
Instead, the Secondary Creditors involved in that bankruptcy— including the World Bank and IBRD– came in and claimed that all those land patents and titles and copyrights and gold and other assets belonging to us, the Priority Creditors, had been “abandoned” by “unknown heirs”.
Now, I have some good news and some bad news for you.
The Federal Reserve System received undeserved bankruptcy protection and those running that “System” profited unimaginably from siphoning off all our assets for 66 years and then leaving us to pay back their debts for them.
That’s the bad news.
The good news is that we know who benefited.
We know where they and their heirs live.
There is no statute of limitations on fraud and no protection from any corporate veil involved in malicious fraud tort claims.
Such claims also carry an automatic treble damages award to those who have been harmed.
The further good news that that although the IMF tried to saddle you and your assets
up again to serve in a similar siphon-your-credit-pay-our-debts scheme, they’ve
been caught at it.
The World Bank and IBRD have been caught trying to off-load the American Assets they received as Secondary Creditors via their bogus “claim on abandonment”.
Far, Far, FAR from owing any “National Debt” the American people are owed
everything that FDR and his cronies stole, everything that the IMF has siphoned off
while leaving our bills unpaid, all the gold and silver stolen and confiscated by
whatever means since 1933, all our land patents and homesteads and domiciles and
copyrights free and clear and returned to us—plus treble damages.
That is what we are owed.
Faced with having to pay everyone back, the vermin decided to invoke the same
“Final Solution” they used in Germany: kill the creditors, after taking out million
dollar life insurance policies on all of them, and naming their own corporations as
But we found out about that, too.
Realistically, the debt owed to America is a debt that can never be repaid.
It would mean enslaving everyone else on the planet just to make things up to us, and that isn’t who we are or what we want.
What we want is our own property back, free and clear, and the cessation of all false claims against us and our property assets.
We also want an end to this entire system of things, so that nobody is ever victimized
and enslaved under color of law like this again.
As we head into the 21st Century there has to be a better way to enable and facilitate trade among people and nations than handing everything over to known criminals and hoping for the best.
Find this and other educational information at: Anna von Reitz website
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