Switzerland, Luxembourg Apply for China-led Infrastructure Bank

US Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew Is Concerned About Corruption In Chinese Banking ???

That same Jacob Lew who is pointing fingers at the Chinese?

Sure, he is.

The same Jacob Lew who oversees the FEDERAL RESERVE’S own FIAT BANKING SCAM ‘Corporate US Treasury’ of the most corrupt regime on the planet?

THAT Jacob Lew is calling the Chinese kettle black??

“…Washington has doubts if the China-led bank will be able to “adhere to the kind of high standards that the international financial institutions have developed.”

Well, OK then..

‘High standards’ may be a reference to whatever Lew was on when he made the statement.

Apparently, Lew suffers from a bad case of “Do as I say – NOT as I do…”

Lew is troubled over the fact that Switzerland and Luxembourg have now applied for China-led Infrastructure Bank, along with France, Germany, and Italy.

Australia is strongly considering joining, and Japan is still sitting on the fence, with no decision as of yet.

Lew cites ‘corruption concerns’ as his surface complaint, but clearly, his real concern is the waning capability of the World Bank and the IMF to create nations of DEBT SLAVES.

Like the Fed, the World Bank , the IMF, and the BIS assign debt to nations, and then demand money-for-nothing (usury-interest) on money that never existed to begin with, thus guaranteeing the debt can never be paid back without the debtor nation sacrificing a piece of the economy or infrastructure, and a pound of flesh from every Human Being who inhabits the debtor nation.

What Lew is saying without saying is:

“The Chinese simply can’t position themselves to rob, rape, steal, and pillage the resources and productivity of every nation on the planet.  THAT’S OUR JOB.”!

Lew may very well be barking from a vantage point of self-imposed isolationism, as even International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde has said the IMF would be “delighted” to co-operate with the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

It appears the Organized Crime Syndicate that is Washington, DC Inc., is finding itself with fewer and fewer  international supporters, aside from less powerful nations the US Corporations threaten with overt military force invasion,  or NSA/CIA-led black opps coup, such as the case in Ukraine and Venezuela.

The AIIB has more than 30 members and is envisaged as a development bank similar to the World Bank. Mrs Lagarde said there was “massive” room for IMF co-operation with the AIIB on infrastructure financing.

Mr Lagarde has put his finger into the air, and discovered which way the wind is blowing.

The US has criticized the UK and other allies for supporting the bank.

Switzerland, Luxembourg apply for China-led infrastructure bank

Despite negative noises from the US, Switzerland and Luxembourg have become the latest European nations to apply to join the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Chinese Finance Ministry announced.

Earlier in March, the EU’s leading economies – the UK, France and Germany –announced plans to participate in the new international financial institution.

China’s Finance Ministry released a statement on Friday saying it welcomes the Swiss decision to apply.

Switzerland is to become the bank’s founding member later this month if other nation members involved approve its candidacy.

The ministry released a separate statement on March 20, saying Luxembourg also wants to join the China-led project.

READ MORE: France, Germany, Italy to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank

The AIIB has already gathered together 27 “prospective” founding members, Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei told the local Xinhua news agency.

The application deadline for membership is March 31, with China planning for the AIIB to become operational before the end of 2015.

According to Lou, other nations will still be able to join the AIIB after the deadline expires, but only as common members.

The institution is expected to boast an initial subscribed capital of $50 billion and focus on supporting infrastructure projects across Asia.

Head of the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Angel Gurria, praised the European states for their participation in the bank.

Read more

“The fact that some of the European countries are now associating with the project makes me even more convinced that it is going to be run in a very professional, transparent way,” Gurria is cited as saying by AFP.

However, US officials have been skeptical, expressing fears that it may undermine the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

US Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, stressed Washington has doubts if the China-led bank will be able to “adhere to the kind of high standards that the international financial institutions have developed.”

“Will it protect the rights of workers, the environment, will it deal with corruption issues appropriately?” Lew asked.

But the Chinese finance minister gave an assurance that the AIIB will not compete with existing international organizations.

“History revisited, the establishment of regional investment banks including the ADB (Asian Development Bank) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development did not weaken established (institutions), rather they reinforced the multilateral financial organizations and more vigorously pushed forward the global economy,” Lou stressed.

According to the minister, China will remain an important member of the World Bank and the ADB, continuing to support their efforts towards global poverty relief and development.

Cracks In Washington’s Empire

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington’s EU vassals might be finding their backbone. Britain, Germany, France, and Italy are reported to have defied Washington’s orders and applied to join the Chinese-led Asian Investment Bank. Australia, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and Luxembourg might also join.

Washington uses its development banks such as the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, along with the IMF, in order to exercise financial and political hegemony. These banks are crucial elements of American economic and political imperialism.

The Chinese-led bank will, of course, be much more effective. The Chinese will use the bank to actually help countries and thereby make friends and grow trust, whereas Washington uses its banks for domination by force.

This new bank, together with the BRICS Bank, will provide countries with escape routes from Washington’s domination.

The Evil Empire is beginning to crack. It will crack more as the Russian-Chinese alliance unfolds its potentials and when European capitals understand that hegemonic Washington has put their existence at risk in order to try to prevent Russia’s rise. The crazed American and British neocon nazis, and their dupes among the populations, comprise the greatest human threat that the world has ever known. The sooner the Evil Empire collapses, the safer the world will be.

Here is the report:


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3 Responses to Switzerland, Luxembourg Apply for China-led Infrastructure Bank

  1. Michael says:

    South Korea WANTS to join BUT it’s master AmeriKa has a chain around it’s neck.


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