Occupy This!

Occupy This!

The international,  predatory cancer that is Corporate US/NATO predator state leaves little hope for peace,  or the survival of a free Human Species outside of a Corporate Fascist Police/Military State where the US and NATO military prostitute forces invade any land they desire,  while occupying  the ocean borders of sovereign nations.

Thus, securing the corridors and paving the way for  predatory multi-national banking cartel corporations, predatory energy corporations, and the all consuming western values of superficiality and theft – to move in, trash the nation’s sovereignty,  rape the land of resources, and enslave or genocide indigenous Human Beings who get in the way.

No need to worry about a ‘One World Government” when there already exists a world-wide military dictatorship.

There is a special place in hell reserved just for the corporate/military predator species.

“He who knows only war, conquest, theft, destruction of Life, and degradation of Human Beings, is resigned to suffer the same fate in the end.”

BASES OF EMPIRE: The Global Spread Of US Military And Intelligence Bases

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013


Source: www.converge.org.nz
In this video Agneta Norberg (Swedish Peace Council) summarizes the global NATO situation using the map of the world.
NATO network of thousands of bases with nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines,operated by brainwashed mercenary soldiers of all nations who will fight if paid.
Bases in Norway, Diego GArcia, Alaska, Colombia. Even advanced technology for Space Wars…
Agneta recommends the book of Catherine Lutz – The Basis of Empire.
You may see inside it on:
Who is the enemy ?
Why hasn´t NATO been abolished as it happened to the Warsaw pact forces after the World War II ?
NATO is used to be the Nuclear Weapon Power and it assumes it to be natural to follow the right of the first strike policy”.
These are the lines from the Swedish peace ambassador Agneta Norberg´s previous talks.
Scandinavia – from neutrality to NATO
In 1994 Sweden joined Partnership for Peace. Sweden has been neutral for 200 years.
But now, without debate or information to the Swedish people, or in the Swedish Parliament.
Sweden has come so far in cooperation with US/NATO, that few would notice the difference, if the government signed the NATO-membership .
This was obvious in Summer 2009 when one of the biggest war games was held in the Northern Sweden under NATO command.
Last summer the arrogance was even more blunt.
US Air Force was allowed to train bomb dropping at Lomben training area outside the city of Kalix in Norrbotten.
In fact Sweden has become an aggressor on US / NATO’s side.
This raises concern against whom are we prepared to use our military force?
Today there are more than 1,000 U.S. military bases dotting the globe.
To be specific, the most accurate count is 1,077…
Unless it’s 1,088 , Or if you count differently, 1,169 Or even 1,180.
Actually, the number might even be higher. Nobody knows for sure

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