Say Goodbye To Hollywood – 25 Statist Propaganda Phrases (And How To Rebut Them)

Ask any political terrorist, or ‘law enforcement’ terrorist, or judicial terrorist, or banker terrorist, or religious terrorist, or TV talking head terrorist or corporate CEO terrorist, or military commander terrorist, and the terrorist will tell you that White is Black, Dark is Light, and Right is Wrong.

Believe them? Sure; why not.

After all, you’ve been programmed so that wouldn’t recognize common sense if it bit you in the leg, regardless, because you attended a public school, and continued your higher levels of programming by watching TV.

Don’t believe me? Want to take a simple true of false quiz?


Questionnaire: “Is Your Programming Complete”?

Take This Quiz and Discover How Your Programming Influences Your Outlook…

Just a simple quiz with TRUE or FALSE answers.

You can print this, and give the quiz to your friends and relatives, too.

Simply put an ‘x’ on the line that describes your answer.

No correct answers will be given.  Use your own best judgement, if you have any judgement left.

The usa was founded as a democracy.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

If you live in the USA, you live in a free country.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Police protect and serve the people.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Washington DC is the capitol of the usa. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The USA is NOT a FOR – PROFIT corporation.

TRUE ___________  FALSE __________

Washington, DC is NOT a Predator State.

TRUE  ___________  FALSE  __________

Washington DC, the Pentagon, and the US Military are the policeman of the world, and their only mission is to bring peace, order, freedom, and democracy to the rest of the world, because the rest of the world is uneducated and uncivilized.

TRUE ____________  FALSE __________

Democrats and Republicans are two opposing political parties.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Politicians are required to serve the best interests of the voters who voted for them.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Governments are necessary to run the country.  

TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Politicians are smarter than most other people.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Politicians are leaders.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The state must be preserved at all costs, even at the expense of individual liberty.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Corporations are people too.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Taxation is necessary to keep the government afloat. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Without governments, there would be chaos, and society would fall apart. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a necessary part of government. The IRS collects taxes to help keep America strong.

TRUE __________  FALSE  __________

Without taxation, there would be no money to build the roads. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Without taxation, there would be no money for education. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Public education teaches students how to be productive citizens. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Public school teachers, and public school officials and  are only concerned with the best welfare of the students. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

There are too may people on planet Earth, and they are killing the natural environment. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The environmentalist movement is spurred on by good people, concerned about the welfare of the planet.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Chemtrails are harmless. They Are Only Water Vapor Trails From Jets Burning kerosene fuel.

TRUE ___________  FALSE __________

The world is reaching a ‘crises point of peak-oil’ and will soon run out of oil if consumption remains at the current levels.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Pharmaceutical drug corporations want to heal people. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The medical industry wants to heal people, and cure illness. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Marijuana gives people cancer and destroys their lung tissue.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

In the 60’s TV series “The Flying Nun”, actress Sally Field actually flew without wires. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

A TV should be in every residence of the usa. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

TV newscasters always relate the facts. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Media in the USA is not agenda driven. 

TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Hollywood, and the entertainment industry is NOT controlled by Satanic cults – it’s just entertainment.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Madonna, and Lady Ga Ga are just entertainers who shock people to get attention, to sell more records, and make more money.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Disney is wholesome family entertainment. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Pornography is harmless, fun entertainment for adults. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Pornography and mass media are not used as methods of mind control. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

It is more important to be happy and entertained, than it is to be productive. 

TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The more reasons you can find to not do anything, the happier you will be. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

It is better to let someone else do your thinking for you, than to think and reason for yourself.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the military. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The killing of men, women, and children by members of the Corporate US Military is justified as ‘expected collateral damage’ because the US Military only fights for democracy, peace, and for the good of those they kill.

TRUE __________  FALSE __________ 

It is mandatory that all Americans support members of the US Military who volunteer to put on a uniform and murder men, women, and children in the name of Freedom and Democracy.

TRUE  __________  FALSE __________

War with every other sovereign nation on planet Earth is necessary to protect your freedom.
TRUE _________   FALSE ___________

The American military fights for freedom and democracy around the globe, protecting the rest of the world from ruthless dictators. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The US military does NOT protect the international drug trade. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The US military does not fight wars on behalf of multi-national banking corporations who only want control of the world’s resources.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The US military are NOT invader/predators. They are protectors of the common man.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The Russians and Chinese WANT to take over America.

TRUE __________  FALSE __________

Vladimir Putin is evil, and Russia should be occupied by the US Military to save the Russian people from Vladimir Putin.

TRUE __________  FALSE ___________

The FBI, CIA, CFR, and other alphabet agencies are NOT corrupt organizations. They only serve the best interests of America. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Religions are a personal choice, and are not used as methods of mind control.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Israel is ‘The Holy Land’ , and the ‘Israelis’ are God’s chosen people.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Muslims want to kill Americans.
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

9/11 was perpetrated by crazy Muslims who flew planes into the World Trade Center. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Israel does not own and control the Corporate US Congress. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The Rothschild/City of London banking families do not own and control Israel. 
TRUE _________   FALSE __________

The US Corporate Government, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, the fiat banking industry, the international drug trade,  the mainstream press corporations, and the porn industry – are NOT owned and controlled by Khazarian/Talmudic Zionists who claim they are ‘Jews’.

TRUE _________   FALSE __________

Say Goodbye To Hollywood:

Lift the veil. Look behind the curtain.

See the great OZ?

He’s a psychopath, by the way.

It’s all a show, and the show is ludicrous.

It’s all a farce, and the farce is a total waste of time for anyone except the OZ MACHINE.

Is anyone buying the popcorn?

Sure, I do understand there are idiots who want to control everyone and everything.

Sure, I do understand there are psychopath parasites who want all the stuff.

And they may very well win the day.

Even so, winning the day does not make them any less of an idiot.

It will simply be another example of idiots winning the day.

But, fear not. Idiots always destroy themselves.

Will they destroy everyone and everything in their path as they destroy their self?

Most likely.

Practicing extreme stupid is how they maintain the title of World Village Idiots.

You’ve been hoodwinked, mind controlled, and psy-oppd to death by the village idiots already.

Long as you have your electronic gizmo to keep you occupied while you slowly sink into obscurity, everything will be fine.

You don’t need to think, after all. Your I-phone does that for you.

You don’t need to feel.

The village idiots killed your positive, beneficial emotions a long time ago, and the smart meter attached to your house offers continuous, 24/7 WI-FI propaganda updates.

You don’t want to ADMIT the real terrorists of the world are YOUR OWN ‘LEADERS’.

You don’t want to admit your ‘LEADERS’ are in the FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS of controlling and managing the lesser terrorists THEY CREATED.

You don’t want to know YOUR OWN LEADERS are in the FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS of creating more terrorists, so they can have someone to kill, and make MORE PROFIT WITH THEIR WAR MACHINE.

Corporate terrorists like what they do. Killing for sport. Killing for profit.

Killing babies is their favorite pastime – it gives them an erection.

Now the terrorists want to herd all the humans in America into cities, so they can kill them like shooting fish in a barrel – sort of like the world’s favorite terrorist Benny Netayn-yaho! does with the humans in Gaza.

The terrorists call it ‘Agenda 21’ , but it’s really a new prison system on a bigger scale.

Never let a good formula for murder go to waste, is the new watchword.

But wait – there’s more – the Corporate Fascist Terrorist Network (CFTN) also want to implement a full-blown civil war in Amerika, so they can kill more humans.

Ever heard of Ferguson?

With more war and chaos, they can make more weapons, and kill more Human Beings.

By selling more weapons, they can make more money, kill more humans, and control more stuff.

Cool. Are these psychopaths professionals or what?

There is talk of a ‘great awakening’ of humankind across the planet.

Well, good then.

Good morning to you too:

Wake up just in time to get your head blown off by some maniac psychopath android in a uniform, or to see your child murdered and raped by a pedophile approved by the Pope.

The Clint Eatswood directed movie ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales’ was a true indictment of the criminal state gone wrong.

In the film, Eastwood plays the part of Josie Wales, a simple farmer at the outset of the first American civil war. The Northern blue coats, invaded his property, destroyed his home, killed his family, and left him for dead. Wales survived however, and took the first opportunity to join the Confederate Army, seeking revenge for the cold-blooded murder of his family.

When the war officially ends, the victorious blue coats set up a program where the ‘Rebs’ could turn in their weapons.

In the movie, a certain group of Northern soldiers were confiscating weapons, and then murdering the un-armed Confederate soldiers, in cold blood, after the Confederate soldiers had voluntarily given up their weapons.

Wales, witnessing the event taking place, jumped into a nearby wagon that contained a Gatling gun,  and took action against the Union murderers, in order to save the lives of weaponless Confederate soldiers.

Of course, this defensive action by Wales, brought down the wrath of the Union bureaucracy, and Wales instantly became a ‘enemy of the state’.

His crime? Saving lives of defenseless Human Beings from murdering Union thugs.

Things in Amerika have not changed much since the end of the first American civil war.

The same corrupt bureaucracy that brought about the genocide of Native Americans, the first American Civil War,  and the demonizing of ‘Josey Wales’,  has evolved into a full blown fascist corporate police state of untold proportions, and every real American who is not a member of the parasitic bureaucracy has become an enemy of the state. ( See the 1933 ‘Trading With The Enemy Act’ )

What does ‘the state’ consist of?  Who makes up the ‘governing body’ in the USA?

Who are the village idiots of the present day?

Congress is made up largely of organized crime kingpins, drug dealers, human traffickers, and pedophile rings run out of Washington DC.

The ‘leading’ members of congress are all beholding to the Israeli mafia.

The Washington, DC cesspool is a Corporation – not legally beholding to the American people.

The Corporate ‘state’ is robbing the people blind, and passing draconian ‘legislation’ to take away the basic human rights of anyone in America.

The Corporate ‘state’ is trying to implement ‘Agenda 21’, which gives the UN (Rich Thieves & Predator Club) total control over every aspect of you life, from cradle to the grave.

The Corporate ‘state’ is filling our sky 24-7  with deadly chemtrail poisons, in the name of ‘Geo-engineering’.

The Corporate US Government is a terrorist clan, period.

Today’s Corporate Thugs that make Al Capone look like Mother Theresa.

These same thugs have the audacity to tell you that you cannot own a weapon to defend yourself from their tyranny.

Only the simple-minded would you expect anything less from self-serving, fascist control freaks.

When the bureaucracy names you a criminal for not following their mandates, it’s time to take a closer look at just who the pot is, that calls the kettle black.

When ORGANIZED CRIME THUGS such as Cumo, Feinstein, Holder, and Bloomberg label you a criminal for owning a gun, you need to understand the rest of the story, and understand WHOM the true criminals are.

It’s simply a case of lawless thugs mandating you do NOT ADHERE to the Law of The Land, which is the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, and the right to defend yourself against tyrannical corporate thugs.

This is the worst B movie I’ve ever seen, and I’m walking out of the theater.

25 Statist Propaganda Phrases (And How To Rebut Them)

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/14/2015 22:15 -0400

Submitted by Matthew Reece via blog,

In the discourse of statists, there is a group of phrases of which one or more tend to be present in nearly every argument.

While this is not an exhaustive listing of that group, it does contain twenty-five of the most common phrases that statists use in their arguments. As propaganda has a tendency to be repetitive, some of these phrases contain the same logical fallacies, and will therefore have similar refutations. As such, the phrases are ordered so that earlier rebuttals also apply to some later phrases.

  • “Our government”

“Our” is the possessive form of “we.” This phrase assumes that a collective exists and has ownership of the government, which is another collective. To exist is to have a concrete, particular form in physical reality. To say that abstract objects exist is to beg the question of where they exist, to which there is no answer because there is no empirically observable entity. To say that collectives exist is beg the question of what physical form they take, as all available physical forms are occupied by the individuals which are said to comprise the collective. Thus, there is no “we”; there is only you, I, and every other individual person. By the same token, the government does not exist; each person, each building, each gun, etc. exists. As such, the phrase “our government” is meaningless. Additionally, to own something is to have a right of exclusive control over it. Part and parcel of this right is the right to physically destroy that which one owns. As governments use force to stop citizens who attempt to physically destroy the state, the citizens are not the de facto owners of a government.

  • “We are the government”

This phrase confuses society with government, which is as serious an error as confusing an entire human body with a malignant tumor growing inside of that body.

  • “The social contract”

A valid contract must be presented honestly and agreed to voluntarily, without duress or fraud. The social contract does not meet this standard because the state will initiate the use of force against anyone who does not voluntarily enter into the social contract. The state is also not automatically dissolved when it fails to uphold its obligations under the social contract, so the presentation is dishonest if it even occurs at all. Therefore, the social contract cannot be considered a legitimate contract.

  • “Our leader”

In the case of the state, we are not speaking of just any kind of leader, but a ruler. No one owns the ruler, and the ruler falsely claims to own those who are ruled, as the ruler claims a right to exclusive control over the ruled and has no logically defensible basis for doing so. Thus the leader is not “ours.”

  • “The leader of the free world”

“The free world” does not exist; each individual person exists. Again, we are speaking of rulers rather than all types of leaders. Free people do not have rulers; they rule themselves.

  • “You don’t have to like our leaders, but you should respect them”

Respect should be a response to virtue. Ordering the use of initiatory force against people to control them is not virtuous behavior, therefore it is unworthy of respect.

  • “You don’t have to like the president, but you should respect the office of the presidency”

The office of the presidency, like any part of any government, is a violent criminal institution. Violent criminality is unworthy of respect.

  • “Our military”

If the military is “ours,” then “we” should be able to exercise exclusive control over it. But “we” neither command the military nor have the freedom to destroy it. Thus it is not “ours”; it is a tool of the ruling classes used to make it very difficult for citizens to violently overthrow the government, provide a last line of defense for the state in the form of martial law should the citizens succeed in violently overthrowing the government, and present a deterrent to other rulers elsewhere in the world who might seek to take over the state and capture the tax base for themselves.

  • “We need to make the world safe for democracy”

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on who gets eaten. This sort of behavior should not be made safe; it should be made dangerous by giving the sheep means to resist the wolves. Some will say that this is what a constitutional republic does, but this is false. A constitutional republic is three wolves and a sheep voting for a representative among them to decide who gets eaten. To claim that establishing a constitutional republic counters the negative aspects of democracy is to claim that simply by making a chocolate cake double-layered, one can magically turn it into something that is not chocolate.

  • “You don’t have to like what the police/military are doing, but you should support them”

Again, respect should be a response to virtue. Just as ordering the use of initiatory force against people to control them is not virtuous behavior, carrying out said orders is also not virtuous. Therefore it is unworthy of respect.

  • “The homeland/Our nation”

As only individuals are capable of action, only individuals may rightly own property. There is no such thing as public property; there is only privately owned property and property which has been stolen or otherwise interfered with by agents of the state. Thus, there is no homeland or nation because these require collective ownership.

  • “National defense/security”

There is no such thing as national security apart from each individual person’s security because there is no such thing as a nation apart from each individual person.

  • “It’s the law”

In a statist society, the laws are a collection of opinions written down by sociopaths who have managed to either win popularity contests or murder their competitors and enforced at gunpoint by thugs in costumes. The implication of the phrase “it’s the law” is that this state of affairs is both necessary and proper, rather than inherently illogical and immoral. Also implied is that the law is somehow sacrosanct and immutable, which is clearly false because the aforementioned sociopaths both frequently alter the laws and routinely disregard the laws they make for everyone else.

  • “Voting is your voice in government”

This statement assumes that there is no voter fraud, that votes are counted correctly, that vote results cannot be altered by courts, and that politicians will do what voters tell them to do. Each of these assumptions has an unfulfilled burden of proof at best, and is demonstrably false on several occasions at worst.

  • “Voting is a civic duty”

A legitimate duty can only come from a legitimate right or contract. There is no such right or contract that could create such a duty. In addition, there can be no legitimate duty to perform an immoral act. Voting is immoral because it helps to impose violent rulers upon peaceful people and gives the appearance of legitimacy to institutions which deserve none.

  • “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”

This is exactly wrong. People who do not vote are the only people who have a right to complain. Those who vote for people who win elections are endorsing politicians and their minions who will engage in activities under color of law that would be punished as crimes if you or I did them. Those who vote for people who lose elections may not be vicariously responsible for the crimes of state agents in the same degree, but participating in the system helps to create the appearance of legitimacy for that which is inherently illegitimate.

  • “The public good/The good of society”

Society, or “the public,” does not exist. Each individual person exists. As such, there is no such thing as the public good or the good of society. There is only what is good for each individual person.

  • “For the children”

Those who wield state power subject children to forced indoctrination that leaves them with few marketable skills and restrict the ability of suitable guardians to serve as their parents. They do not care about children as anything other than a means to shame and guilt people into handing over more liberty and property to the state.

  • “Government is necessary”

This is a positive claim which carries a burden of proof. By itself, this is a claim asserted without logic or evidence and may therefore be dismissed without logic or evidence.

  • “Anarchy is chaos”

The word “anarchy” comes from Greek ???????, meaning “without rulers,” or more accurately, “without beginning to take the lead.” It does not mean an absence of order, rules, or structure. The state, on the other hand, is chaos plus organization.

  • “Taxes are the price for a civilized society”

This is exactly wrong. Taxes are the price for failing to create a civilized society based on voluntary solutions, and the degree of taxation corresponds to the degree of failure.

  • “Paying taxes is a civic duty”

Taxation is immoral because it violates the non-aggression principle, private property rights, and freedom of association. There can be no legitimate duty to comply with immorality.

  • “We owe it to ourselves”

This would make one both a creditor and a debtor in the same transaction. This is a contradiction, therefore it is false.

  • “We’re going to hold them accountable”

This is contrary to the nature of the state. The state apparatus allows some people to do what is ordinarily forbidden for anyone to do. Thus, the objective is to avoid responsibility for the commission of crimes. Avoiding responsibility is the opposite of being held accountable.

  • “Who will build the roads?”

If we free the slaves, who will pick the cotton? It does not matter. What matters is that slavery is morally indefensible. So it is with government and who will provide services in its absence. Also, it is not necessary to know the correct answer to a question in order to know that a particular answer is incorrect. And who will build the death camps? The state also provides intolerable disservice which would almost certainly not occur in its absence.

* * *

As Jim Quinn so eloquently concludes,

I realize this may be hard for some simple minds to grasp, but there can be no consent , implicit or otherwise given,where none was ever sought.

As Matthew Reece brilliantly points out in the essay above, consent to rule by violent force is a personal choice and if that choice is not made voluntarily, then it is no choice at all.

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