Why the US Declared War on Russia

The reasons why the US declared war on Russia, via Ukraine, are very simple to explain…

…Because the ‘reasons’ stem from very simple minded – nay ignorant – predator mindsets:
The US is desperate to try and counteract the rising power of China, the BRICS and the economic coalition the BRICS are building with the rest of the world.
( F2L  Note:  The rise of the BRICS Organization of States Coalition was a move of self-preservation in itself. A move that had to be accomplished to counteract the ever present, and very real threat of predatory Western Global Expansionism, led by predatory Corporate US Military whores taking orders from Kissinger, Brzezinski and the CFR  )
Attacking Russia and replacing Putin via regime change in a color revolution was seen as a far easier option than attacking China’s increasing power directly.
The US has been pissed at Putin ever since he kicked the big US banks like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch out of Russia after he became President in 2000. Goldman Sachs has had an increasing and very unhealthy influence on the US and the EU, which is one of the major reasons for the US and EU’s relative decline in world power – see the above chart.

As well as the banking control issue, the Neocons also got pissed off at Putin for the part that he played in stopping them from their proposed mass bombing campaign against Assad in Syria in September 2013.

The Neocons engineered the Coup in Kiev to turn Ukraine into a failed state through economic collapse and a civil war. Exactly as they did in Libya, before that Iraq and as they are now trying to do in Syria (which like Ukraine is also a battle for control of gas pipeline routes, energy supplies and to cause trouble for Russia).

The Neocons have already succeeded in producing the highly predictable economic and currency collapse in Ukraine. This was always going to happen by antagonizing both the Russian speakers in the East of Ukraine and Russia itself – Ukraine’s main trading partner by far.

The Oligarchs installed by the US in Kiev are just as corrupt as Yanukovych who preceded them and Tymoshenko who preceded him. (They look to be a good deal worse.)
The IMF loan just announced will do nothing except part pay the private bankers and hedge fund speculators in Ukraine’s debts, pay some of the Gazprom bill, put another billion or so in the Oligarch’s pockets and pay for the doubling of Ukraine’s military spending (an extra $1.7bn is in the budget) to line the pockets of US arms company profits.

None of it will help the ordinary people in Ukraine or Ukraine’s economy. Indeed the austerity measures imposed with the IMF loan guarantee a further substantial deterioration in Ukraine’s economy by dramatically cutting pensions, raising energy costs, cutting teachers, increasing unemployment etc. Ukraine can look forward to a future of decades of poverty and misery. Young professional people have already started leaving in droves for better prospects elsewhere.

By restarting the cold war with Russia (initially with sanctions) the Neocons hope to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia to harm both their economies, while the US is affected relatively little.

So far the European leaders have fallen for the US ploy hook, line and sinker and have been acting entirely against the EU’s interests. Farage in the UK has seen through it almost from the get go – as reflected in his latest speech about the US poking the Russian bear.
Merkel and Hollande have reacted against the risk of war in Europe via the hurried Minsk ceasefire agreement and Italy’s Prime Minister Prenzi has now spoken out to try and normalize relations with Russia 

(N.B. We will have to see whether Minsk is a genuine change of heart by Hollande and Merkel or whether it was merely a reaction to the impending and horrendous military defeat for Kiev at Debaltsevo. So far the Europeans have been against increasing the arms getting shipped to Kiev and have called out some of the ridiculous war mongering lies of General Breedlove, NATO Commander in Europe.)

The US hoped to drag Russia into another Afghanistan in Ukraine via the expected civil war from the Coup, but Putin has thus far studiously avoided escalating the conflict in Ukraine and sought de-escalation at every opportunity.
The stupid Neocons thought turning Ukraine into a failed state would cause trouble for Putin at home.

Anyone using any common sense could see that the Coup in Kiev would increase Putin’s popularity in Russia (like Hitler’s bombing of London increased Churchill’s popularity in 1940).

Anyone with any sense could also see that it would drive Russia and China together faster and accelerate the plans of the BRICS. Putin’s approval rating has gone from 60% pre coup to 86% now and has further marginalized the pro-US Oligarchs (Putin’s enemies) within Russia. But the stupid Neocons never look from the other side of the fence at anything.

The people pulling the strings of the Neocons are not going to tell their gophers in Congress and the White House that the actual aims of their plans are to wreck the US and the US economy (and Europe’s as well) in order to suppress National Sovereignty in favor of increasing big bank and Corporate control.

US actions in Ukraine have always been about provoking regime change in Russia.

The US wants to replace Putin, who is not playing lapdog to US interests and is actually strengthening Russia both strategically and economically, in favor of installing an incompetent US puppet (like Yeltsin or Poroshenko) who wreck their own country’s economies while increasing the profits of US multinationals.
The US then planned to destabilize China.
The US plans, are as usual, an abysmal failure and have only served to strengthen China and Russia’s resolve and to hasten the end of American Hegemony.

The US (and EU) have incompetent leaders and have had incompetent leaders for some considerable time.

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The US is getting desperate just like the EU.

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N.B. There are around 800 insolvent banks in the EU. They are insolvent because they loaned out too much cheap money to insolvent governments like Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and France. They also loaned out too much cheap money in the property bubble and these bad loans are still sitting on their books (but not priced to market). The total amount of bad Sovereign debt, Bank liabilities, derivative costs and insurance company liabilities in the EU is upwards of $20tn (that’s with a T not a B). Just about all the major French banks are insolvent, as is Deutsche Bank which has $70tn of derivatives on it’s books.
(800 to 1100 is the number of banks that needed emergency loans during the 2008/2009 financial crisis.)

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This follows repeated attempts at kicking the can down the road in Austria (like every other Eurozone country):-
Largest Austrian Bank Crashes After “Revealing” 40% Surge In Bad Debt Provisions, Record Loss 

Side Notes
China (like Russia) invited the big US and UK banks into China in the 1990’s but has since largely kicked them out and marginalized them in favor of domestically owned retail and investment banks.

The US spent many hundreds of millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to influence Brazil’s 2014 election to replace the more independent and BRICS centered Dilma Roussef with a US compliant right wing President, but failed and Roussef was re-elected.

There are escalating battles for influence and control in Argentina, Venezuela (see Obama’s recent announcement of sanctions), Cuba (Obama trying to wrest it away from Russia and the Russian use of a Cuban air base) and Nicaragua.

There is an on-going major diplomatic battle for influence with India but again this has been a failure. No great results were announced as a result of Obama’s visit to India immediately prior to King Abdullah’s of Saudi Arabia’s funeral. It seems the opposite is the case with India considering a major $25bn purchase of Russian fighter jets – not French or American ones.

The Neocons have an awful lot of pans on the boil in an awful lot of countries.

They simply are not going to be able to manage them all through a policy of aggression.
Which may partly explain Obama’s recent diplomatic efforts to reach an accord with Iran.
The GOP politicians are as stupid and blind as they ever were – see the letter designed to scupper the Iran P5+1 talks, signed by 47 extremely ignorant and idiotic US GOP Senators.
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