Top Ukrainian General Admits: “Russian Forces Not in His Nation” February 01, 2015

Top Ukrainian General Admits: Russian Forces Not in His Nation

February 22, 2015

• Will American people fall for government’s phony war propaganda?

By Pete Papaherakles  —  AmericanFreePress

Top Ukrainian General Viktor Muzhenko admitted on Ukrainian television that the Ukrainian army is not fighting Russian troops in Ukraine, thereby proving that the reason given by the Obama administration for imposing sanctions against Russia is a complete lie.

During a January 29 briefing for foreign military attaches aired on Ukraine’s Channel 5 television, Muzhenko, the chief of the armed forces of Ukraine, officially acknowledged, “the Ukrainian army is not engaged in combat operations against Russian units.”

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov pointed out in a news conference that Muzhenko directly supervises military operations in the southeast and that “his statement is a legal fact, which thwarts numerous accusations made by NATO and Western states” concerning Russia’s alleged “military invasion” in Ukraine.

Muzhenko’s statement carries even more weight considering Ukraine’s Channel 5 television is ironically owned by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Muzhenko added that he had information about Russian individuals fighting in the country’s east, but that has nothing to do with the Russian military being involved.

The vast majority of eastern Ukraine is Russian speaking and volunteers have come to support the ethnic Russian Ukrainian rebels not only from Russia but also from other countries, bringing humanitarian aid as well as fighting alongside them.

American mercenaries have already been identified fighting on the Ukrainian government’s side.

After overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, the illegal Kiev government began a military assault on eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions in April 2014, after they refused to recognize the country’s new, Western-backed authorities.

Since the start of Kiev’s military operation, Ukraine and Western states have repeatedly alleged that Russia has a military presence in the country’s east.

Moscow has refuted those claims on multiple occasions.

On Janauary 21, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called on those making these claims to prove them.

“I say it every time: If you are so sure in stating that, confirm it with facts,” said Lavrov.

“But no one can or wants to provide them.”

The next day the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) also confirmed it had not registered any movement of military vehicles at the Russia-Ukraine border checkpoints it observes.

The good news is that not all in Europe want war with Russia.

On February 5, French President Francois Hollande announced at a news conference, “Together with [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel we have decided to take a new initiative.”

Without informing Washington, the two European leaders met with Poroshenko on that day, declaring that a ceasefire was possible in Eastern Ukraine.

On February 6, Hollande and Merkel then flew to Moscow to meet with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, where after late-night talks they agreed on the blueprint for a peace plan.

Merkel then flew to Washington on February 9 to propose the peace plan to President Barack Obama, who chose to remain undecided on the issue until after further high-stakes talks.

For the moment, Obama favored maintaining the sanctions against Russia and proposing an ultimatum to Putin, who already stated he refuses to accept ultimatums.

Muzhenko’s statement seems to have fallen on deaf ears in Washington.

While Hollande and Merkel were busy brokering a peace deal, Secretary of State John Kerry was in Kiev pitching an arms sale deal.

Kerry maintains “Russian aggression” is the greatest threat to Ukraine and told journalists it was impossible to ignore “tanks crossing the border from Russia.”

Regardless of the complete lack of evidence, Washington and the mainstream media insist that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, although 97% of Crimeans had voted to secede in a referendum.

They also claim that Putin had Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down, although an overwhelming abundance of evidence indicates that Kiev did it, and that Russia is now invading Ukraine, although Ukraine’s army chief says Russia is not.

For this, Washington seeks to impose tougher sanctions and supply more weapons to Ukraine to help fend off a non-existent Russian invasion.

Adding insult to injury, the illegal coup that overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian government and started the current civil war was mostly financed by Washington.

In December, the United States Senate and House unanimously passed legislation that authorized sending arms to Kiev. Obama signed the measure into law but it gave him leeway over when to implement it.

War hawks on the left and right continue to push Obama to escalate the conflict and sell more arms.

“The Ukrainians are being slaughtered and we’re sending them blankets and meals,” said Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) recently. “Blankets don’t do well against Russian tanks.”

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January 29, 2015-You’ve heard how the US mainstream media kept saying over and over for a year now that Putin invaded Ukraine.

Evil Russia invaded poor little old defenseless Ukraine.

Then along comes the general of the whole Ukrainian army – appointed by Poroshenko – who was appointed by Obama.

The Chief of Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, General Viktor Muzhenko says, Russian troops? What Russian troops?

“We (Ukrainian army) are not engaged in combat operations against the Russian army..”

Oops! The cats out of the bag!

Published on Feb 1, 2015 By Marine1063


“Now, we have only the involvement of some members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, individual Russian citizens as part of illegal armed groups in the fighting.

Currently, we (Ukrainian army) are not engaged in combat operations against the Russian army. We have enough forces to inflict a final (defeat)”.

“На сегодняшний день мы имеем только факты участия отдельных военнослужащих Вооруженных сил РФ, граждан РФ в составе незаконных вооруженных формирований в боевых действиях. Боевых действий с подразделениями регулярной российской армии на сегодняшний день мы тоже не ведем. У нас достаточно сил и средств для того, чтобы нанести окончательное (поражение)…”

On January 21, in Davos, Ukrainian President Pudgy Poroshenko said there were upwards of 9,000 Russian military soldiers fighting for Novorossia, but he apparently lied.

It’s par for the course in the US. Obama kept imploring Congress to send billions to Ukraine to fight Putin and they agreed.

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said last Friday,

“Yesterday afternoon the Chief of the General Staff – Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Viktor Muzhenko officially acknowledged during a briefing for foreign military attachées that Russian troops are not involved in the fighting in the country’s southeast”.

General Muzhenko confirms what the OSCE has been saying for months.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has been stationed at 2 checkpoints on the Russian-Ukrainian border at Gukovo and Donetsk.

The OSCE General Military Staff said,

“There is absolutely no way you can possibly hide huge military formations on a relatively small territory wide open to reporters and OSCE representatives”.

They also acknowledge the bombing of civilians in SE Ukraine.

Ambassador Ertugrul Apakan, the Chief Monitor of the OSCE, said 24 January, 2015, “According to the United Nations, over 5,000 people have died, more than 10,000 have been injured and about one million displaced due to the violence in eastern Ukraine.”

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