ISIL – ISIS – The Worlds Richest Private Mercenary Corporation

ISIL – ISIS – The Worlds Richest Private Mercenary Corporation

TEHRAN (FNA)- The ISIL terrorist group is receiving up to $1bln in profits annually for trafficking of Afghan heroin, the head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service said Friday.

“According to our figures, the ISIL is receiving up to $1 billion annually for delivering Afghan heroin,” Viktor Ivanov said, the Sputnik reported.


Too much coincidence that is not coincidence.

Of course ‘ISIS-ISIL’ = CIA, Mossad, Corporate US.

If this were not the case, do you think “ISIL” would be allowed anywhere near the CIA’s cash cow of Afghan heroin trade?

Last report of regular US military was of Army and Marine grunts standing guard over Afghan poppy fields, to protect the crop from the Taliban for CIA and upper rank US military heroin profiteers and traffickers.

Enter the new behind-a-mask, US/Israeli proxy gang psy-opp – ISIS Mid-East – ISIL Mid East Division.

Now handling the CIA’s golden child of HORSE (street name for heroin) Trading too?

This ISIL – ISIS baby is American made, born and bred in the USA.

From their spanking new Toyota and Ford pickups, to the American/Israeli weapons and heavy artillery, to the CIA, Mossad corporate directors (advisers) – the ISIS for-profit corporation is making a killing – lots of them.

The next time a two-bit American politician starts sputtering about ‘ISIS-ISIL’ terrorists, tell them to go get a mirror and look into it.

It would be an interesting poll to discover what contracts ACADEMY (formerly Blackwater) has with ISIS Corp, US, and how many of those ISIS terrorists are actually getting their paycheck from Eric Prince.

The Corporate US/Israeli/NATO predator state is DOWNSIZING regular military forces, while employing more and more professional killer whores for hire at 200 K a year to do its dirty work, in Iraq, Syria, South America, and Ukraine.

Same game. Same big lie. Same insanity.

Same ignorant predator states.

The only thing changing are the names and faces of who is doing the killing for the predators in charge.

Iraq Arrests ISIL’s US, Israeli Military Advisors in Mosul

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Special Forces said they have arrested several ISIL’s foreign military advisors, including American, Israeli and Arab nationals in an operation in Mosul in the Northern parts of the country.

The Iraqi forces said they have retrieved four foreign passports, including those that belonged to American and Israeli nationals and one that belonged to the national of a Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (PGCC) member-state, from ISIL’s military advisors.

The foreign advisors were arrested in a military operation in Tal Abta desert near Mosul city.

Last year, a senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Mossad of training ISIL terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria.

Alexander Prokhanov said that Mossad is also likely to have transferred some of its spying experiences to the ISIL leadership, adding that Israel’s military advisors could be assisting the Takfiri terrorists.

Prokhanov said ISIL is a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East.

ISIL is a tool at the hands of the United States. They tell the Europeans that if we (the Americans) do not intervene, ISIL will cause you harm,” he said, adding that Iran and Russia are the prime targets of the ISIL.

“They launched their first terror attack against us just a few days back in Chechnya,” he said, stressing that the ISIL ideology has got nothing to do with the Islam practiced in Iran and some other Muslim countries in the Middle East region.

Prokhanov said the United States and Israel are one and the same when it comes to supporting a terror organization like the ISIL.

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