The West is Always Right…

…because the Western powers say so and for NO other reason.

The West is a completely a “mandatory because I say so” organism:

Western Governments: Corrupt Corporate Fascist Police States, where the ‘Rule of Law’ is another translation for oppression of and tyranny over the people.

Western Financial Institutions – Fiat Fractional Reserve Banking rules all:

“The currency we allow you to transact with has value because we say so”.

“You may refer to it as worthless paper, or ZEROS entered into a computer, but we call it ‘money’ – and you WILL use NOTHING ELSE – or else you will be persecuted to the fullest extent of our ‘law’ – which is law because we say it is ‘law.”

The WEST is FIRST in creating societal decay.

The West is FIRST in the abandoning of basic Human Rights.

The West is FIRST in the contest to maintain the title of the biggest predator race in existence.

The West is FIRST in institutionalized fiat banking theft.

The West is FIRST in GENOCIDE of whole societies.

The WEST is FIRST in environmental destruction.


The WEST is FIRST at executing, war, destruction, and degradation of Life – anywhere on planet Earth.

The WEST is FIRST in EVERY and ANY of the lowest forms of ‘scumbaggery’ ONE COULD IMAGINE – pick any one.

But the West is ALWAYS right – and the West will bomb you into submission, and destroy your home – if you refuse to believe the West is always right…

Internalized Indoctrination of the Myth of Progress – Joaquin

Published on Mar 2, 2015 By 108morris108

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