“You’re Fired – Now Get Out Of Here”!

“Ok, Who’s Next”?

Dancing around it does not get it done.

Choice is a funny thing sometimes.

It’s either this choice or that choice – neither one pretty.

Still, here we are.

All of us damned if we do and double damned if we don’t.

“It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie.”

OK…Bottom Line:

These folks in positions of power are some really screwed up individuals.

They are truly freaken’ crazy.

What made them that way is beside the point.

We can debate that all day long and get nowhere.

What WE have to deal with is their insanity.

These folks will get worse as time goes on, and worse as they catch on that WE have caught on to the fact they are insane.

Have you noticed lately, how everything they do is to protect their own necks from the hanging rope?

Have you noticed that the closer WE get to understanding WHAT they are, the more they go on the OFFENSIVE against rational Human Beings?

Have you noticed that the more afraid they become, the more ramped up, militantly fascist dictators they become?

It is enough they are demented and ga-ga insane to begin with.

If we could leave them babbling to themselves in a strait jacket behind a 10 foot thick – 20 foot high brick wall, we might find some peace.

But the reality is, they walk free, and go on TV to boot.

So we have to fire them, just for starters.

These entities present a grave, clear and present danger to society, and remain a menace to the public at large.

We can lock them up and away from Human beings soon after firing them – to protect the welfare and safety of ALL Human Beings from these vampires – but we MUST get them the hell out of their positions of authority first.

The battle of wills is raging, but when you offer no logical, or humane reasoning for your point of view, the superficiality of hiding behind your title or position wears pretty thin pretty fast.

Have you heard what their talking head mouthpieces say in the lamestream media?

Have you heard what their “State Dept” spokespeople say?

Have you heard what their Pentagon Generals say?

And these individuals have control over weapons of mass destruction??

God help us all…


WE the People Hereby Fire our Corrupt Government

Published on Jan 10, 2015 By John Best

Do you want your freedom back? YOU have to open your mouth.

When WE all unite to give this order to our government servants, they have to obey us.





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