Recent Rash of Strange Disappearances and Suicides of Big Pharma Executives and Pharmaceutical Industry Employees

Recent Rash of Strange Disappearances and Suicides of Big Pharma Executives and Pharmaceutical Industry Employees

Of course the ‘measles epidemic’ is another made up hoax, exactly like ebola was a made up hoax, just like Sandy Hook was a made up hoax….on and on.

The terrorist controllers Kabball thrives on False Flag, emotional terrorism.

False Flag emotional terrorism is the Kabball’s M.O.

The excuses they use to justify their plans are so thin, one can see through them like cellophane.

The Kabball’s pharmaceutical terrorists promote FALSE FLAG HOAX EPIDEMICS THAT NEVER EXISTED, and then utilize the LIES of EMOTIONAL TERRORISM as a springboard to advance the MANDATORY VACCINE AGENDA they wish to FORCE upon Human Beings in the usa.

To the warped and demented minds of the psychopath freaks who designed the insane world of Corporate Fascism, the MANDATORY, mass vaccine ATTACK on Human Beings would serve two purposes:

(1) The first and most obvious is PROFIT of course.

This where a pharmaceutical terrorist organization concocts a poison, markets it as a ‘vaccine’ via the CDC, and sells it to the US Corporation for big dollar contracts.

(2) The poison ‘vaccines’ will slow kill, cripple or maim the population who have the poisons injected into their system, which fits right in line with the US Corporation’s depopulation agenda, whereas, the orders the US Corporation has been given from ABOVE, is to facilitate the genocide of as much of the population as possible.

Just as is the case with ‘geo-engineering’ (chemtrails), the sociopath corporate terrorists are committing mass murder and GENOCIDE FOR PROFIT.

Here is some simple logic:

These freaks are trying to kill you, and your children, in the name of profit, control, and planned genocide of the population.

WHY they do what they do is not as much of a precedent setter as WHAT they are attempting to do RIGHT NOW.

The rule of nature is as such:

If a rabid animal is attacking your child, you shoot the rabid animal to protect your child.

If an entity is trying to kill you and your family, then you have the obligation to defend yourself and your family.

Over the past 12 months, there has been an unexplained rash of disappearances and suicides of big Pharma executives and pharmaceutical industry employees, leaving the industry leaders and employees constantly looking over their shoulder, who, along with their knowledge of the dead banker syndrome, are now wondering if or when their turn might be next.

Authorities are stymied as to why these occurrences are being reported world-wide, or why the number of disappearances and suicide reports continue to escalate by the day.

My educated guess is, that pharmaceutical cartel executives, employees, and distributors – who knowingly produce or distribute deadly CDC approved toxins – poisons that will kill you and your family – are more and more understanding the depth of their obscene crimes against humanity.

When these individuals begin to follow the path of dead fiat banksters in larger and larger numbers, and continue to disappear without a trace, or the trend of committing suicide in large numbers continues to increase, this surprising trend is most likely due to the fact they can no longer live or function in society as living, breathing Human Beings.

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